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Lisa Barnett is the Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. As an internationally known teacher with more than 20 years experience in the Spiritual healing forum, Lisa has created resources for clarity and healing through the ancient, yet accessible, Akashic knowledge. Using Sacred Prayers, Lisa can easily access the healing wisdom of the Akasha, which in turn she teaches her students providing them the knowledge so they too can access their own personal soul records.

Lisa specializes in working with individuals to help them become centered on their soul's path, by clearing soul contracts, karma, and vows which have shown to have profound effects. Her special healing technique called "Pain Body Release" energetically helps to release accumulated emotional pain, from this or past lifetimes. This ancient wisdom helps you at a Soul level to create the Life Your Heart and Soul Desires.

Access Your Personal

~ Akashic Record Wisdom


  • 6 - 2 hour classes recorded as mp3s with clear instructions
  • Akashic Energy to support you in accessing your Akashic Record.
  • BONUS #1: 25 Page Manual with full directions to access your Akashic Record
  • BONUS #2: 30% Discount on Personal Akashic Consultation
  • BONUS #3: Private Face Book Group
  • BONUS #4 - Plus a Live Bonus Q&A/Coaching Call with Lisa

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MP3 Download - Value $75

Learn about the Akashic Record and ways to access this Sacred Dimension. We will cover guidelines so you stay Guided, Guarded and Protected as we do this Sacred work. This week you will learn two of the four Akashic Record Prayers which are the Vibrational Key into the Akashic Records. Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom has received four sacred prayers to access your personal Akashic Record. Each one speaks to a different lineage; one or more of them will resonate with your personal soul lineage. We will also learn a simple meditation to ground and fill you up with your highest Akashic Energy.
"Wonder, wonderful Akashic course...No words can describe this feeling of love and completion...except my tears of joy every time I connect into the Akashic Record. I start to feel Love, Love and more Love along with tears of Joy.I feel the Oneness. Thank you Lisa.

You are doing a wonderful service for humanity and to all the individuals involved in your work - and you do it in such a light and joyful way and yet very down to earth and so ENCOURAGING. What a wonderful gift and I am SO HAPPY to be a part of it!
Love and smiles "

~ Susan, from Denmark

MP3 download - Value $75

This week you will learn two more Akashic Record Prayers. You will learn about the places and dimensions that these prayers come from and how they are connected to your Soul Lineage. Learn how to ask question so you enter the realms of the Akashic Record that are most beneficial to receive information and healing. You will receive an extra 30 questions to help with your ability to receive Akashic wisdom. We will also work with the process of journaling to allow yourself to channel the Akashic wisdom with grace.
"After completing the course I feel so confident retrieving information through my Akashic Record. Lisa was a fabulous teacher and provided us with so much insight & information I had never learned before. I’m so blessed to have the Akashic Records to help me in my life. "

~ Sandy C.

MP3 download - Value $75

This week you will learn the tools that have been given to us by the Lords of the Akashic Record. You will learn to clear Karma through Forgiveness so you can move forward in your life. You will learn a simple tool to clear and release other peoples energy from your personal space, along with a prayer to help bring alignment and clarity into your life and release old ways of being that no longer serve you. You will learn to clear entities and energy patterns that can hold you back and block you from Love and Abundance. Last but certainly not least, you will learn a simple prayer for Healing.
"I JUST LOVE WORKING in the AKASHIC RECORDS and I so appreciate the user friendly and warm-hearted way you present everything. I AM SO GRATEFUL!! Thank you for your gracious generosity. "

~ Warm regards
"Lisa is an amazing teacher and this process has been very exciting! Intuition is one of the things we assume either you have or you don't. Through Lisa's class and focused techniques, you really can 'learn' how to increase your natural ability and access divine knowledge. Thanks, Lisa! "

~ Kim, Washington, D.C.

MP3 download - Value $75

The Grace Points of the Akashic Record use the naturally occurring energy flow in the human body. They are a physical anchoring and directing of energy through intention. You will learn to use this Akashic Tool to gain clarity as you access your Akashic Record, release that which no longer serves you and integrate and anchor in new energy and wisdom.

"Lisa's "Access Your Person Akashic Wisdom" workshop was so amazing. Her teaching style is well organized and her instruction is set at an easy to follow pace. I must say, that I think the world of Lisa's gift in conveying a sense of safety and confidence building during the workshop. The course was filled with confidence building exercises.
I highly recommend Lisa as an Akashic Records instructor. "

~ Glen D. EFT Teacher
"Lisa is bright, cheerful, deep and very careful with the students & the material. Very directed & expansive in her focus & questions that spur us on to deeper knowing. She is a clear teacher and the class helped me keep my path of commitment to the Akashic Record and spirituality. The energy & cohesiveness of this class was awesome.
I will take more Akashic Classes from Lisa. "~ D. B., California

MP3 download - Value $75

This week we will spend time practicing so that you feel confident that your Guidance is coming from the Akashic Record Keepers. We will do exercises in your Akashic Record to complete old emotions such as fear, anger or feelings of unworthiness. You will learn the Akashic way to release emotional and physical pain and find where it originates from. You will find this tool is profound in helping you gain clarity around issues that may have haunted and limited you for your entire life. Accessing your Akashic Record and using these tools will support you in opening your consciousness to a new level of awareness and truth.

"After 20 years of exploring everything on the map and being a medical intuitive for a living all those years I couldn't imagine getting much from saying a prayer. Lisa and her students kept telling me how powerful the class was but I didn't believe it. Finally I had a free weekend and the class is so inexpensive that I decided to take it just to be in a room of high vibrationa, conscious people. That weekend changed my life. It turbo charged me by giving a greater expansion of support from the Masters in ways I'd forgotten about. In addition to that, the other students in the class who had little or no prior experience with Guidance attunement, all were instant accurate intuitives! Lisa was able to answer questions both days that kept raising the vibe. I got connected to a support system that I can now tap into daily. And do. Anybody can give you a piano but not everyone can tune it without some instruction."

~ Madalyn S, California
"Lisa is an amazing teacher. She and the Masters of the Akashic Record have a very effective way of integrating the wisdom of the Akashic Field into the innate understanding of the human being & human mind.

The last few days have been and will continue to be an expansive & truly healing experience. I strongly suggest that you allow yourself to awake this tool and the dormant gifts in you just waiting to be released. Discover yourself in the light of Truth. "
~ A. P., California

MP3 download - Value $75

As you spend time practicing during the week you will find your ability to access wisdom from the Akashic field deepening. We will work with specific exercises to become proficient in using the Akashic Record as a daily tool. You will learn a process to help you when you are struggling with a life challenge. The Akashic Masters and teachers are here to help support you in your life. You may count on them for simple support such as ways to bring more Joy into your life as well as wisdom and guidance on big decisions, so you can create the life your Soul came here to create.

"Just wanted to say, I was in tears almost immediately after the class started. I was getting pictures of the Masters of the Akashic Record even before we got to the prayer and I just felt the communication flowing so freely from the beginning.
Over the past two years I've been wanting to resurrect my intuitive abilities, which is the reasons I'm doing your course. I really felt drawn to you & this profound information amongst the plethora of resources available over the internet. You and the class didn't disappoint. "

~ Tim D., Australia
"I have found information from the Akashic Records to be profound, unique, and many times, life changing. It can move your growth so much further than when you deal with things on your own.
Lisa is the perfect teacher of this esoteric knowledge because she is grounded, non-judgmental, can see the viewpoints and needs of people from all walks of life. She also has extensive experience in many healing modalities, has a wealth of experience in reading and healing others and has taught many people this profound work. I'd highly recommend you take this class to enrich your own life and develop further insights on your spiritual path. "

~ Lucy L., California

MP3 download - Value $75

In this pre-recorded session you will receive answers to the most commonly asked questions that new students of the Akashic Record have asked over the years of Lisa's career as a Teacher. This session will illuminate the nuances of the Akashic Records, create trust and confidence in your work, and deepen your ability to access Soul wisdom from the Akashic Records.

"Lisa is an extremely gifted instructor and channel. The work done in this class has far-reaching, life changing, and yet gentle effects. Gaining greater clarity and ability to listen to myself has been a tremendous gift. I would recommend this class for absolutely anyone who is open and interested in real change and growth in their own life path."

~ Cynthia W.
"Lisa guides very well, and delivers with patience and good humor. Based on the class and accompanying guide, I feel that I have all the tools to go into the Akashic records whenever I'd like to. The information and guidance found within is of great assistance to me in all walks of my life, and I feel more aligned and certain of my soul's path as a result. It is also really helpful when choosing our baby steps to get to our larger goals. I definitely feel a positive, expansive energy shift every time I go into my records, made possible by the strong foundation and support given by Lisa.
Big thanks! "

~ Calder G., California


Akashic Record Manual

PDF Download of Manual - Value $100
The Akashic Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light have written this 30 page manual for you to be able to learn to access your personal Akashic Record with ease and clarity. Included in the manual are:
  • 4 Sacred Akashic Prayers to access your personal Akashic Record
  • 4 Healing Prayers to clear Karma and release unwanted energy
  • Energetic & Physical clearing and anchoring tools
  • Learn the art of formulating questions to receive life-enhancing answers
  • Many practice sessions to help you deepen into the Records



Would you like to say goodbye to your struggle and trauma in 1 day?
Finally a way to get the answers and the transformation you're looking for
without having to wait for months or years!

To create this change, I will access your Akashic Records to see the true nature and core beliefs behind your issues, pain and blocks. Guided by your questions, I channel information from your Masters of your Akashic Record. Information about your Soul's plan and Soul contracts, your life's purpose or how your past lives are affecting this lifetime are all available to us in the Akashic Record. I receive information to help you nurture your soul's development.

*Coupon good for 60 minute phone consultation. No value without purchase.
Join Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Private Face Book Group.

Join your Soul Family - Value $100
You will meet other Akashic Record Students and Soul Family in the group. You can ask questions of Lisa and the group everyday to deepen your Akashic work and get ideas and feedback on Akashic processes and exercises to support you.

Live Bonus Q&A/Coaching Call with Lisa
In this LIVE session you will be able to ask your personal questions about accessing the Akashic Record. Lisa will do group healing in the live session to help clear the blocks and energy that stand in your way. This session will create trust and confidence in your work and the healing work will deepen your ability to access Soul wisdom from the Akashic Records.
DATE & TIME: Wednesday, January 22nd at 11:00am Pacific
You need not be available for the live call. The call will be recorded and made available for replay as well as download. 

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