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Kenji Kumara, from Seattle, WA, holds Masters in Education, Bachelors in Psychology, experimental Masters in Parapsychology, early childhood education teaching credentials and is a state registered medical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual counselor. He has over 40 years in the healing arts field (includes education, psychology, counseling, gardening, art therapy, alternative therapies in bodywork, energy work, imagery and visualization therapy) and studies with Dr. Trager, Rev. Takata, Dr. Bartlett, Mary Burmeister, Irving Feurst, Claire Heartsong, Linda Bandino, Alexander Everett, T. Harv Ecker, Werner Erhardt, Morna Simiona, Minocher Movlai, Lorna Malburg, Ammachi, "Benu" and countless others.

His unique approach uses quantum physics, holographic re-patterning and energies beyond the time-space continuum for transmuting chronic pain/stress, trauma, injuries, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and negative childhood memories. Creativity and future timelines can be assessed for accelerated personal growth.  

Kenji Kumara unveils an all new Energetic
and Vibrational Quantum Advancement


The Transcendence Series

The activations that were recorded in these LIVE events are available now for your spiritual development and transformation. Kenji's attunements have literally changed the lives of countless participants and are now made available for your personal use and empowerment.

If you are eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment and every cell and particle of your Being, then you are going to love Kenji's new series recorded live and first released November 2013. Say yes to have a conscious union with Source and Embody Your Spiritual Vibration in service to yourself and humanity.

This LIVE Master Series Intensive Event offered through Quantum Lightweaving® took place in Tubac Arizona USA at Kenyon Ranch in the Spring of 2013 and offered a select group of individuals the opportunity to connect with Kenji Kumara in a whole new way. Welcome the gift of your direct connection to spirit and unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive series and dive into the quantum while connecting into the INFINITE expansion of you.

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Prior to listening to the Activations from this amazing series sit quietly with your intention and scan the brief notes accompanying the activation. These notes assist with setting the intention and from here your heart, mind and body realign and attune.
Time: 23:05

In this attunement you will be guided to:

   Build the foundation for the protocol that brings in your support team

   Activate the sacred triangle of light (heal injuries, addictions and trauma)

    Experience decision making as the Voyager

    Open the octahedron channels

   Communicate with Archangels and Ascended Masters in your heart-space

    Invite your Guardian Angel to be your best friend

    Ignite your Home World energies within your body in daily life
Time: 33:36

In this attunement you will be guided to:

   Purify your emotions

   Reclaim Supreme Clarity of Power

   Receive divine clarity and lung definition

   Connect with the Council of 14 for presence and healing

   Activate your power with the Sacred Heart

   Balance with Electronic devises

   Repair and restore DNA; activate in full power
Time: 39:49

In this attunement you will be guided to:

   Nourish your senses (eyes, ears, nose, sinus cavity)

    Nourish your glands and internal organs

    Maximize your quantum capacity

   Access to “all that is” as you need

    Reflect the light or your soul without distortion

    Receive supportive Celestial Vibrations

   Connect to the great central sun
Time: 34:26

In this attunement you will be guided to:

  Activate your 2d6 chromosome (detox the body naturally)

   Acute and clear hearing enhancement

   Activate inner-sight capacity to see the nature of reality

    Integrate the hemispheres of the brain

   Activate neurotransmitters for bliss and tranquility

   Unify the original 8-cells of the body

    Removal of all neck and throat energies that are obstructive
Time: 27:59

In this attunement you will prepare for time travel:

   Experience a personal lightship journey

   Time Travel with The Masters

    Detoxify, cleanse and purify the body - your human vehicle

    Experience expansion into consciousness

   Explore the field of imagination and possibilities

   Travel into deep inner space

    Nature Spirits help translate your inner journey
Time: 34:26

In this attunement you will be guided to:

    Shine the light into the shadow

   Surround your body with the octahedron

   Experience the conductors brought to your from the stars and deep from the earth

    Retrieve parts that have been spaced out

   Receive vibrations of peace into the spine and through the skin

   Invite messages from angels

   Open to the child like simplicity of life
Time: 38:21

In this attunement you will receive a "brain tune-up" to facilitate your capacity to heal the body

   Create increased storage room in your brain

   Breathe in the cleansing violet light

   Discover how to simply allow

   Reorganize and refine for simplicity and connection

   Experience coherency and cohesion to heal the body

   Remove yourself from illness disease and malfunction

   Connection with Venus, Cassiopeia the Dahl universe
Time: 24:00

This attunement includes instructions for receiving :

   Receive a blessings download

   Receive Instructions for Self downloading

    7 Breath connection to the earth

   Conscious Delta Waves

    Release tension and the need to do

   Feel the Presence of the White Buffalo for the support from the Earth

   Using the infinity sign in the hemispheres of the brain
Time: 34:29

This attunement prepares the body and mind for re-birthing

   A Call Forth of all Archangels, Masters and the mineral support

   Receive the support of your home world and soul group

   Emerald grid support for your body with the earth

   Power Animals and land support sacred

   Remove all self imposed limitations, barriers and restrictions

   Allowance and acceptance of your telepathic abilities and self expression

   Allowance of your connection to the masters and the power of the Sun
Time: 13:03

This attunement includes a download:

   I AM a clear and perfect channel of divine presence

    Facilitating Time Travel

   Breathe into your future

    Triangulation of light

   Shift your financial world

   This now moment extended into the future

   Breathe harmony vibration and coherency in your 2nd chakra
Time: 24:59

This attunement guides you to flow with spirit:

   Experience the Breath of the Universe as it breathes you as you

   Merging with love and grace, love and allowance

   Imagine all your needs are met beyond your wildest anticipations

    Release all illusion and move into the realm of spirit

   Move into the presence of the Archangels

   Call the power of the dolphins, orcas, whales as messengers and wisdom carriers

   Deep communion with divine support
Time: 27:24

This attunement you will integrate the previous activations and:

   Receive birthday blessings from the Universe

   Receive birthday blessings from Venus, Pleiades, Central Star of Orion, and more

   Receive birthday blessings from your soul group

    Focus and receive from behind the heart outside of duality (space/time)

   Receive purification of the ego

   Receive the blessings of the wind

   Breathe your light and connect voyager to voyager

AUDIO FILE 25 Minutes
(Value $39)


Kenji leads you through an amazing Quantum experience- an energy balancing through the Pineal gland and the axis and directed through the spine. As you allow the Quantum state to hold you, you will receive a vibration allowing you to return to your original blueprint, directly connected to Source. You will bring this vibration through the spine and anchor it into the original 8-cells of the body as all of your tension and trauma dissolves. As you receive Source Energy from the Great Central Sun, you will experience renewed life and Energy through all of your cells and have the opportunity to infuse this new vibration into a life situation of your choice. You will emerge with an awareness of this new Light-filled reality.


Part 1 : Interview with Kenji and Pargash
37 mins

Kenji conducts this interview with author and energy healing promoter, Pargash Giorgi , of Australia in September 2013. The intention of the call is to reach out to those affected with breast cancer and other similar ailments; this message is for anyone ready to bust the illusion of suffering.

Part 2 : The Dream Of Remembrance
Attunement - 35 minutes (Value $39)

An inner quantum journey into clearing the imprints and ancestral conditioning of breast, lung and lymphatic cancer and other illnesses. In the 7 minute silence, you can re-discover the soul of You and receive the blessings of your next evolutionary step, releasing yourself from the bondage of suffering and pain. Let your Spirit guide you on this infinite possibility journey of awakening to the remembrance of your true Home and Destiny. You will get all that you need for your journey of recovery of Self and your Destiny. The benefits are on-going, so it is recommended you listen to this activation on a regular basis until complete. Allow all after-effects in unconditional love and allowance, and all will be well, indeed.


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Kenji is honored to be offering his unique mastery series 6 Part online Series and with this exclusive offer; Darius's audience save $100. Expires Feb 12th 2014

Communicate with your SOUL on all Dimensions. Kenji along with divine guidance is making it so. This online series called "Elevate Your Vibe" has Kenji connecting with people like you who register for this 6 part series and receive, release and renew by simply listening in on phone, web, or skype. Join Kenji for a complete exchange, interaction and raise your energy and elevate your vibration in this ALL NEW ACTIVATION Series!

This new online training event is going to be his best so far! We know this because Kenji is downloading new information regularly from the Essence of above and he is ready to share this beyond expansive and life changing information to all those ready to awaken their master within.

The 6-part Change your Life Forever online program will be offered live and made available by replay link to each registered guest to listen again and again. Registration page and coupon code provided on download page.

$100 off a Telephone Activation Session

Personal Quantum Telephone Activation Session

A 75 - 90 minute private recorded phone session.

This is an invitation to experience a profound shifting into the awakened world through a Personal Quantum Activation telephone session that will be based on your most desired intention, trust and readiness to embody your individual divinity - your soul signature.

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"Kenji has such an amazing presence, and I immediately, or, actually long before our talk, felt the calm and natural presence of his spirit and grounded being. By saying that, I am not saying it wasn't a truly energetically blast of a lovefest - an amazing global thriving vibrant activation party!! We were guided by source, and skipped the formalities - jumped straight into Kenji's direct and healing activations. My ears started buzzing (like they do with immense energies) and I even forgot I was talking English, that is my second language. In gratitude and spirit,"
~ Katrine Legg Hauger
"I love Kenji Kumara ! He works, speaks and Lives from the heart and has created nothing short of miracles in My life!! I am Free from Trauma and Fear because of Kenji's light weaving, it is amazing!!!"
Thank You Kenji.
~ Rose UK
"I was literally blown away by the meditation as I never experienced such strong energy before My experience of this work is so outside of anything I can understand with my logical mind that I am not even trying to. The only thing I can say is that I feel filled up today. It feels as if I have been thirsty all my life and suddenly had an opportunity to drink all the water I could ever dream of, and I can go back to that well whenever I wish."
From a Happy Customer of Kenji's Show Package
"I so appreciate you being in my life ... with your beautiful Quantum Weaving. This is the one thing -that has enormously shifted me ... and my life ... this last year. I faithful follow and do your inner work. Every morning I start my day with you ... and continue to re-tune-in ... throughout the day. I am still going thru your original works - and so loving it! Thanks for being the beautiful soul you are ... and choosing to be here now to help us all remember who we really are ... and for going thru all the "stuff" you did - to blossom into your fuller expression. I so Bless you and all you touch!"
"After spending $10,000 for blessings and the healing masters program recently, since hearing you I stopped that program. I find your beautiful work, inspiring, clean, life changing and long lasting. It helps break me out of depression and the extra edge to stay in the light. I could go on... bottom line you made a huge difference and thank you ..."
"Gracias, dear Kenji, he who weaves light in bright and colorful ways. For all that you do and all that you are... I feel light, I am light. The young hawks and owls are just leaving the nest; finding their wings and taking flight. How synchronistic, I must be in the flow. Mountains of gratitude for bringing me home. Blessings and one great big humongous hug ...........I AM"
"My life has been changing since before 12/21/12. I have observed the intense universal energy of the past several months or couple of years. I observe evidence of positive changes daily. I hear some people's thoughts. I think of people and things and they appear. My hands have levitated off my bed, effortlessly, during meditation. I've been dreaming consistently of being rich again, and know I will soon observe that, and enjoy helping others though my prosperity and how I observed it again. In other words, THIS IS FUN! Thanks so much for giving me permission slips!"
"Dear Kenji :)
Thank you so much for such a great activation. I just listened to the replay. Every time I listen to your activations and attunements amazing things happen in my mind and body. Situations turn around for a better outcome and my old thinking patterns shift little by little letting me see clearly who I am without judging me and accepting myself and the love within. Many of us would never believe how possible is to change our thinking patterns and allow guidance to find out our magical truth. I believe it now. Being open to understand different Ideas is a choice and a gift that can be life changing. It is being for me... I am humbly thankful for your work. Kenji you are a blessing to all of us :) Namaste..."
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