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Two Weeks to Unexpected Income With the Simplest Propesperity Laws Available …in just 15 minutes a day!

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Is there really a way to manifest unexpected income, unexpected business, and unexpected solutions to your most pressing problems — in just two weeks or less?

This is the promise of my Feel Free to Prosper® program, a simple, fast, and practical how-to approach to prosperity. And it is not a promise made lightly. It's a bold promise I make to you — and one that I intend to keep.

It's not magic. But it may seem magical because the exquisite simplicity of the prosperity laws is not commonly understood. Human nature tends to complicate matters that appear abstract and beyond our reach.

I overcame adversity to create a business that for two decades attracted the world's largest corporate clients by using the same prosperity principles that I now share with my students internationally and that I am about to share with you. Marilyn Jenett Locations, my one-woman special event company, evolved and was sustained over the years solely through the application of these prosperity laws.

With the wisdom gained from my experiences in life and business, and through the inspired intuition that created this program, I am passionate about teaching you how to "put the Universe on speed dial" through my amazingly simple, easy-to-grasp, and proven Feel Free to Prosper teachings. And yes, it will only take you 15 minutes a day.

In today's economic climate, there is a vital need for the world's population to understand the underlying cause of personal financial distress: a belief that there is a separation from the true source of their supply — what I call our "invisible means of support." With my teachings, you will finally overcome the fear and experience proof of your alignment with the universal parent that is ready to shower each of us with gifts that are far beyond our imaginings — once we learn how to receive.

My teachings have attracted many publishing offers. Feel Free to Prosper, the book based on my teachings, is published by Penguin Random House, the world's largest publisher. The free online version of Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance has attracted over 80,000 readers and will also soon be published.

My teaching methods and proprietary techniques allow you to bypass the analytical mind and gently influence the subconscious, thereby creating your "pipeline" to the universal source of supply. My unique teaching style and ability to communicate what was previously considered esoteric knowledge into the simplest form is the key to the successful results my students achieve.

They get the results they are looking for — and get them quickly — because my teachings address a critical component and missing link that most other books and programs do not: overcoming the resistance of the subconscious mind. Through what I call "friendly persuasion," you'll learn my special techniques that gently coerce the subconscious mind to accept a new dominant thought.

In 2011, a news story was released by Bloomberg News: University researchers in Norway and France finally provided the scientific evidence that I had been seeking — the evidence that supports my proprietary lesson techniques. Every new student receives this media story.

Why two weeks?

From my decades of study of the mind, I knew that it was commonly accepted that it took three to four weeks to break a habit and create a new mental pattern. However, from the time I began teaching the Feel Free to Prosper program, I noticed that my average student achieved a breakthrough in two weeks — often much sooner. I later heard that current psychological research showed it can take as little as two weeks to begin creating a new neural pathway in the brain. My students have been consistently right on cue. Quite simply, the techniques work and they work fast.

The fulfillment of my promise will officially launch when you apply the traditional Feel Free to Prosper Audio Program. The program will not only jumpstart your prosperity — it will prepare you well for the main journey.

If you own a business or want to advance in your job or career, then these teachings are devoted especially to you.

Just as a house cannot stand without a proper foundation, all of the marketing, sales, and business know-how in the world will not result in success unless you first have the internal foundation — the mindset — to succeed. Once you create that foundation, you will automatically be guided to all the appropriate elements that will result in your success. You will be inspired to do exactly what needs to be done to get your results. Or you may be guided to take no physical action — except to watch as results arrive miraculously out of the blue (I know you'll love that part of these teachings).

As a student of Feel Free to Prosper, you will learn that when you "put the universe on speed dial" you will truly have the greatest marketing department you could ever hope for — and that the possibilities are unlimited.

With the Feel Free to Prosper program, I promise that I will simply and passionately share my experiences and knowledge with you so that you can live a more prosperous, inspiring, and successful life.

The Feel Free to Prosper® Program: Do the "Homework"… Get the Results

Retail Value: $497

Once you begin the Feel Free to Prosper program, you may find yourself wondering: "Can it really be this simple and work?" Can just 10-15 minutes a day of "homework" really create such striking results experienced by my students?

The truth is, the simplest things are often the most powerful. For this reason, I created the teachings to avoid information overload and confusion. This is the key.

Once you start getting results, the confirmation that the principles do indeed work will be like a lighthouse beaconing to a ship in a dark harbor.

And your faith in the process will soon grow to be as strong as your expectation that a light will go on when you flip a switch in a dark room. It's a simple proposition. Do the homework and get the results.

Discount: 62% Off

Total Value: $644

You Wealth Special Offer: $247

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30-Day money back guarantee**

One of my favorite expressions is "the Universe on speed dial."

For me, this expression not only refers to the startling speed of the results, it also means a lightness and ease of actions that help you to get what you want, never forcing matters but going with the flow.

It also conveys the idea that the Universe has mapped a grand course of action for each of us, and it's up to you and me to realize what this is.

As the new century began and the post 9/11 era created a worldwide shift in consciousness, I increasingly realized that the world of elaborate corporate entertainment and six-figure events was no longer aligned with my greater purpose and maturing spiritual values.

I intuitively knew that my business of two decades was the "university" that developed and rigorously tested my knowledge, faith and conviction in the prosperity laws, so that I would one day teach others.

I knew, in fact, that it was my spiritual obligation to do so and was aware that my gift was my unique crossover between the metaphysical and business worlds.

I was compelled and "guided" to develop a program that contained the same lessons that I had applied to overcome adversity and create my successes over the years.

The program had to be simple, easy to apply and create results quickly, so that others would not have to go through my 30-year journey. I had graduated well, absorbing the teachings of the most brilliant minds of mental and spiritual science, and I would honor and continue their legacy.

And so was born…

Feel Free to Prosper

Just as I had manifested clients so naturally in my former business without ever spending a dime on marketing or advertising in 20 years, the doors spontaneously opened for me to share my teachings, and students from every walk of life flocked to my Feel Free to Prosper program. Thousands would arrive as testimonials poured in. I knew I was 'home' and living my destiny.

As I was establishing Feel Free to Prosper, I had decided to release my former business, but out of the blue — from a fluke phone call — came one of the largest clients of my 20-year career. Campbell's Soup spent $450 million dollars for national promotions targeted at children.

I played a key role in these promotions, securing spectacular venues like the Malibu mansion, the castle in England and the private island in the Caribbean. (The owner of the island later became my student).

I have since completely released my corporate business in favor of prospering others — my true life mission.

  • Three words which you (or your children) should never utter again if you're after true prosperity.
  • Do you "cave in" during times of business upheaval? Discover how I rebounded and kept my best clients… even while others were throwing in the towel during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, 9/11 and national recessions.
  • Two words that become the steadfast "security guards" of your wealth consciousness and "short circuit" negative thoughts about money and finances.
  • Why force fails and "friendly persuasion" works every time… in getting your subconscious to be your ally.
  • Why the Law of Reversed Effort may be keeping you stuck and stalled for years.
  • Why affirmations may be doing you more harm than good… and how to "graduate" to affirmations that are guaranteed to work for you.
  • Why silence is golden when it comes to revealing your dreams and goals to the outside world.
  • The role of infinite intelligence and how to connect with it to find your true place in life, as I did to create a business that brought me success and renown. All without an MBA or formal business background.
  • How to launch a new prosperity consciousness that "delivers the goods"… even if lack patterns have dominated your thinking for years.
  • The most important thing you can do before dropping off to sleep at night that can multiply your manifestations several fold.
  • How to use feelings to compress time and create rapid manifestations.
  • Why less is almost always more when it comes to building a wealth consciousness that will serve you for a lifetime.
  • My secrets to getting "the Universe on speed dial," starting in as little as two weeks.
  • How to trigger a moment of feeling that's more powerful than 1,000 affirmations in getting what you want.
  • A technique for being able to pay in full a table full of bills and invoices.
  • Why you may be sabotaging your "subconscious taxi driver" by giving it multiple "destinations."
  • The difference between channels of income and source of income and why understanding this makes all the difference in manifesting what you desire.
  • Why overload and confusion are the biggest obstacles to acquiring and maintaining a prosperity consciousness… and how I have solved the problem.
  • Why spiritual substance is steadfast and reliable and doesn't care about economic cycles.
  • What NEVER to say about your finances to yourself (or anyone else) no matter how desperate your situation appears.

Discount: 62% Off

Total Value: $644

You Wealth Special Offer: $247

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30-Day money back guarantee**

The Feel Free to Prosper® Audio Program — The Original Two-month Flagship Program

The Feel Free to Prosper® Audio Program — The Original Two-month Flagship Program

Value: $497

The Feel Free to Prosper® Audio Program is a unique lesson and mentoring experience that will change the course of your finances and your life. Your consciousness will shift within a couple of weeks, often sooner, and you will attract more business and increase your income, not to mention the other areas of your life that will be affected. This is a profound shift that will last your lifetime if you will apply yourself and let me guide you.

The program is a series of recorded group mentoring sessions along with the simple, but powerful prosperity lessons based on mental and spiritual laws, given at intervals to allow you to study, integrate in consciousness and put to use each lesson before advancing to the next. My ability to teach these laws will create the bridge that will allow you to incorporate this knowledge and immediately put it to use

You will receive the powerful Feel Free to Prosper® lessons described below along with the recorded mentoring sessions, the mentoring session notes and the program instructions and schedule. The mentoring sessions are from one of my most popular groups, who named themselves "The Manifesters." The audios are downloadable mp3 recordings and the lessons are pdf files. All files are on a convenient student web page with step-by-step instructions to download as needed.

Feel Free to Prosper® Audio Program Month One

Month One of the Feel Free to Prosper® Program begins your prosperity adventure with four weekly 90- to 120-minute interactive mentoring sessions along with the powerful Feel Free to Prosper® lessons in pdf format. In Month One, you will receive Lessons One and Two.

Lesson 1 — The Spoken Word

Lesson 1 — The Spoken Word

Lesson One has traditionally brought striking manifestations to my students in a very short time, usually in two weeks or less. Current research shows that it could take as little as two weeks to begin creating a new neural pathway in the brain. You may be shocked at how simple the Lesson One techniques are — and yet so effective.

This is the lesson that brought floods of testimonials that established the credibility of the Feel Free to Prosper® program — and that continues the legend today.

This lesson forms the foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper® program. It tills the soil of the mind to overcome the weeds of resistance to easily and naturally grow a prosperity consciousness. I will teach you techniques that gently persuade the subconscious mind to shift and accept the new prosperous idea, without creating resistance. I call this "friendly persuasion." With this lesson and my guidance in the sessions, you WILL bear fruit. And it will prepare you fully for the lessons that follow.

You will apply Lesson One and the techniques for one week prior to listening to the first audio session, which will allow your subconscious to start working on the manifestation process. This will ensure that you gain maximum benefit. You may already be manifesting results before you listen to the first audio session!

Lesson 2 — Affirmations

Lesson 2 — Affirmations

With Lesson One, your mind became "fertile" so that you begin to shift your consciousness and start attracting the prosperity that the Universe is waiting for you to receive. It also prepares your mind to become open and receptive to the material taught in Lesson Two.

Lesson Two is a detailed and informative work on Affirmations — everything you always wanted to know about affirmations and some facts that are not commonly known. It contains the definite principles that must be applied for your affirmations to create results. You will learn about the different types of affirmations, how to compose them, when and how to use them, and how to ensure results.

Also included are many examples of my own favorite affirmations and some from the greatest New Thought teachers.

Audio Mentoring Session Topics (Month One)

Just a few of the session topics covered in Month One are:

  • Your Core Belief About Money and Prosperity
  • The Impact of Your Habitual Words and Phrases
  • Source vs. Channels
  • The Importance of Having Fun with Prosperity
  • Marilyn's "Check Writing" Technique for Attracting Income
  • Feeling the Reality of Your Affirmations

And additional topics covered in Marilyn's enlightening interaction with the students.

Feel Free to Prosper® Audio Program Month Two

Month Two of the Feel Free to Prosper® Program continues your prosperity journey with more in-depth powerful lessons and four more weeks of interactive mentoring. Month Two includes Lessons Three and Four, bonus lessons Five and Six, and four weekly audio sessions.

Lesson 3 — Accept it Now

Lesson 3 — Accept it Now

Lesson Three, Accept it Now, focuses on bringing your acceptance of your desire into the NOW moment, the real secret to manifesting. Many students who have studied metaphysics before tell me that this has been the most difficult area for them in the past, but I believe that by making the subconscious mind more fertile, as we did in Lessons One and Two, this principle becomes much easier to grasp.

Here are the opening words to Lesson Three:

"There is only one reason you do not have what you want. You do not have what you want because your consciousness is filled with the thought of not having what you want. As long as the thought of not having remains in your mind, you will continue to not have. So if you accept this premise, then the way to have what you want is to change your consciousness to the thought of having what you want."

The lesson will show you how to bring your desire into the present moment and "have" what you want.

Also included is The Secret to Success, a fascinating excerpt from the writings of one of the greatest teachers of manifestation, which exemplifies this process.

Lesson 4 — Release in Magnetic

Lesson 4 — Release in Magnetic

Many situations in life, including financial ones, can be resolved and healed, and peace and harmony expressed, by a special spiritual practice known as "release." It is the fastest, surest way to turn situations around in human relationships — at home or in business — and to also "let go" to allow the Universe to manifest our desires in all areas of life.

Lesson Four addresses three important areas of release:

  • Giving up negative ideas and emotions that bind you to the very situations you do not want and prevent you from becoming the open channels to the good that you want in your life.
  • "Cleaning up and cleaning out" unneeded possessions in your home and business, as well as cleaning up and cleaning out unneeded relationships in your life.
  • Holding onto anxious and tense thoughts about the results you want to create or attempting to force an outcome, which prevents the actual manifestation of those results.

"Release" is a very important part of creating financial prosperity and this lesson will explain why it is often the missing link to financial gain.

Bonus Lessons

Lesson 5 — Tithing Sets You Free

Lesson 5 — Tithing Sets You Free

You are sure to find this lesson based on an ancient practice fascinating. You will have a completely different understanding of this principle than is commonly known. You'll learn why this practice can be the key for an advanced student to finally release fear so that you are open to receive. You will also understand why the farmer plants his best seed in the soil to reap a bountiful harvest and how this establishes our connection with the Source of our supply.

Lesson 6 — Delete Those Words

Lesson 6 — Delete These Words

A great lesson to remind us of the power of our words. Another surprise — what did Eliza Doolittle and Professor Higgins from the legendary Broadway play and hit movie, My Fair Lady, have to do with your prosperity consciousness? You'll find out.

Audio Mentoring Session Topics (Month Two)

Some of the session topics covered in Month Two are:

  • When to Stop Using an Affirmation
  • Loving Money and Its Symbols
  • Resolving Debt You Owe and Debt Owed You
  • The "Gestation" Period of Manifestation
  • How Feeling Is a Magnet and How It Compresses Time
  • Keeping the Silence
  • Finding Our True Purpose in Life
  • How to Recognize the Right Decision
  • The Importance of "Release" and How to Do It
  • The Powerful Aspect of Gratitude Not Commonly Known
  • Ancient Success Principle to Connect You with Your Source

And additional topics covered in Marilyn's enlightening interaction with the students.

Discount: 62% Off

Total Value: $644

You Wealth Special Offer: $247

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30-Day money back guarantee**

Teleclass for Business Success

Value: $147

How Would It Feel to Have… the Universe as Your Marketing Department?

How Would It Feel to Have Clients Find YOU Effortlessly?

…To Become Aligned with Your TRUE Source of Supply?

As my gift with your purchase of the Feel Free to Prosper® Program, you will receive one of my most valuable products – the recording of the Feel Free to Prosper Teleclass for Business Success.

You do not need to struggle, seek and strive to build your business or career. You can use simplified mental and spiritual principles based on Universal laws and the subconscious mind to create and attract all the elements — including the right customers and clients — that ensure success in your business or job.

This 3-hour, 20-minute recorded teleclass is devoted to prosperity principles just for business success. I share with business owners, solo-preneurs, and career employees, the prosperity laws that I specifically applied to create and build a renowned business for two decades and to later reinvent myself with the creation of my Feel Free to Prosper® program.

This class is overflowing with content that will provide you with a clear understanding of the principles that will transform your consciousness and take your business or job to a new level. It's a storehouse of information that you will never find anywhere else because it's all based on my personal experience.

There are 17 topics that include…

  • Metaphysical Marketing — What Does This Mean?
  • Action or Magic?
  • Mental vs. Physical Activity in Marketing
  • Antidote to Fear of Failure
  • Working to Live or Living to Work?
  • Attracting Ideal Clients
  • Always Assume the Door Is Open
  • Working Hard? Marilyn's Ol' Book-a-Castle Trick
  • Progression Not Recession

This program sells on my website for $147 but it's my Free Gift to you.

I recommend that for your greatest benefit, listen to the Teleclass for Business Success after you have completed the Feel Free to Prosper® Program, so you will have the necessary foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper teachings.

Discount: 62% Off

Total Value: $644

You Wealth Special Offer: $247

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30-Day money back guarantee**

Expert Testimonials

Largest Orders We Have Ever Received

If you have purchased other programs and have not seen the results you want, please read what I have to say. There are a lot of good LOA type programs on the market and I have purchased many of them. I have listened to many very good speakers and gone through seminars and when I finished them, I found myself pretty much in the same spot I started.

I listened to a replay of one of Marilyn's talks and found myself ready to buy the program but then I thought about all the other programs I had purchased and my wife who was tired of me spending money for little results. The more I listened, the more I knew I wanted to buy it. I made the decision to buy and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

I started the program and worked my way to the recordings. My first thoughts were that I had heard all this stuff before. It also seemed so simple that maybe I wasted my money again. I figured I might as well try what she says with an open mind and see what happens. As I got into the lessons, I couldn't help but feel an energy or power that seemed to make what I was reading and writing more meaningful than anything I had experienced. I can't really explain it other than when I opened my mind to be receptive, I seemed to be able to feel it.

During my third week of lessons, a large project we had been working for a few years appeared to fall apart. We had been told that our product would be able to be sole sourced and at the last minute they decided to bid it out and loosened up the specs as well. Anything can happen on a bid and I knew that I needed to practice what I had been reading and writing in the lessons. As I did, I felt a sense of peace replace my panic and let it go. When the bid closed and was reviewed, we were notified that we were awarded the order for $900,000 plus dollars!

The story does not end there however. Several months later we specified a much larger project and knew this would go out for bid. The bid was modified several times and again the specs were loosened up so more companies could bid. I knew the chances of my prices being low with all the companies bidding would be very slim. The bid award was delayed for several weeks and we felt that pricing must be an issue. While I was eager to hear the results, I had a sense of peace about it again and decided to let it go and not worry.

Recently I was informed that we had been awarded the order for nearly $3,000,000!!! It is important to note that I am not with a large company but rather a small company that my wife and I own. These orders were the single largest orders we have ever received.

Bottom line, if you read and listen to the lessons and do the exercises with an open mind, I believe you may experience the results you have always wanted as I am at this moment. I thank Marilyn from the bottom of my heart.

K. Hunt

Arlington, TX

The Woman Who Changed My Financial Life and Helped Direct Me to Financial Expansion

Marilyn will unravel your financial blocks and open up money flow… for you! The first time I did Marilyn's program, quite amazing things happened in my life. She combines a spiritual and pragmatic approach to manifestation and abundance with techniques that will help you shift dramatically and have "the Universe on speed dial".

Dee Wallace

Star of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, film and television actress, healer, and author of Bright Light

Testimonials From You Wealth Revolution Buyers

Thank you, Marilyn, for your awesome program.

My husband and I own a home building company and all of our assets were invested in completed new homes sitting on the market. It had been 18 months since our last home sale, which is a considerable length of time to go with no income. We needed a sale quickly or life as I had become accustomed to living could change radically. I was diligently using energetic techniques and principles I had learned, to turn my financial situation around… but nothing was changing or happening. … And then I came across your program.

I started the FFTP program 10 days ago. Almost daily I have received something wonderful from the Universe — including unexpected dinner invitations, flowers, compliments… But most profound is the $843,400 in signed sales contracts, with an upcoming potential of an additional $300,000 sales contract this week. This is absolutely amazing and I am truly grateful! I've been taking classes for the past 30 years and of all the programs I've taken, I've never had a program bring me results as quickly and so profoundly. I can actually feel my brain getting rewired. It's a very unique feeling.

Valerie Piotrowski

Beverly Shores, IN

Ten days later…

Last night I had 37 things on my good things that happened list. I could have kept writing, but my hand got tired. So instead, I reread my list. And in so doing, what I realized was… my life is becoming magical and magical is my new norm. And it gets even better. With that acknowledgment I realized that the UNIVERSE has my back. The creative energy that exists is there for me, supporting me and giving me exactly what I ask for. And when this realization hit, it was amazing. I instantly knew that anything I want and anything I need — I've got it. I just need to get my conscious mind and my subconscious mind to agree on it. It's no longer… I wonder if it will happen. Now it's more… I can't wait to see how this one happens.

And to know that and to feel that… WOW! Marilyn, I am so grateful for your program. Thank you for following your intuition and bringing this program to the world. Thank you for answering my questions and giving me such wonderful clarity. And I just want you to know, that every night when I'm listing good things that happened… you and your program are always on my list. Thank you, Marilyn.

I've heard many speakers on your show. I've purchased some programs. But… ten days ago you had a guest — Marilyn Jenett — on your show. Let me just say that the timing for this and the synchronization of her words with my soul, were magical. She's the missing link to my manifestation of prosperity. The simplicity of what she teaches and how it permeates the subconscious is putting my business on fire! I purchased her program. She said in 2 weeks you will begin to be prosperous. Darius, in ten days, the business I have currently under contract will generate close to $75K!

I'm in week two, and this is so exciting to see what will happen next! I'm loving this new normal.

Thank you for sharing her with us.

Renay Daniels

Bellingham, WA

I heard your interview with Darius. Shifts began that night! I said a prayer and asked Source to please bring to awareness the blocks to be receiving money more abundantly. I tossed and turned all night and finally had this awareness of the belief of "not being good enough" and that "I am not enough" which belonged to my birth father and birth mother. That awareness began to open energy. I started your course and immediately began receiving unexpected money daily and by day 4, I received $10,000! I have NEVER received that much money in my life! I am a Vibrational Alchemist, Soul Guide, Spiritual Intuitive. Much love and thank you for your service and light in the world!

Linda Galvan

Austin, TX

I wrote previously to you when I had just started the course and now I wanted to write again to give you an update. So many wonderful things have been happening but the most exciting thing is that my partner and I have been looking for a house to buy for over a year. We are in a very blessed situation where we have been able to live rent free whilst saving a deposit for our own house. This whole time we have been looking we had not found anything that really got us excited. However after 10 days of your course we FOUND our house!! And better than that as soon as I saw it I KNEW it was ours!! That just proved to me that my consciousness has shifted to be more allowing and to be open to receiving. I feel like the universe delivered everything I had asked for in one neat little package of my new house!! And for the first time I actually believe that the universe has given me that house just because I asked for it. And the universe has willingly given it. I realized that the argument going on in my head previously was only with myself. I now KNOW the universe is giving us exactly what we desire… NOW!! Thank you so much for the fabulous lessons. Stay tuned for more wealth and prosperity updates from me!!

Rebecca Sheldon

Sydney, Australia

Thank you for all your love and dedication in bringing abundance consciousness to the world through your students. I am changing my thoughts with awareness of my words and it is changing my world. Everything I need is supplied when I need it. People show up when I need them to, and help.

I am diligent with my affirmations and the work. The audio calls are great and so good to hear your positive solutions to people's challenges. This is important work for my life experience. It was so great to hear you say "don't analyze" and don't attach negative emotions to situations. Those were my issues and I can now say I think consciously before I express any negativity so I can change it. It is a process, I am in no hurry. Words are weapons so it is necessary to use them with love.

Amazing things have been occurring in my life since I started your program. A few months ago we had a huge ice storm in Vermont and there was devastation on my property. Nine huge pine trees fell in my yard and plenty of branches and brush littered my land. I had an estimate quoted me for a few thousand dollars to clean it up. But after starting your lessons, I put an ad out on the community board for cleanup and within a day got many responses, but only responded to one. I told the man I could only pay a small amount for the job and he said he would do it, he wanted to help me out. I was so excited to hear this — I was saving thousands of dollars!

I also have new clients and a new group therapy practice was offered to me at work. I am doing better and feeling so much more trusting with life. I am in the flow and open to receive all the wonderful gifts the universe has for me now.

Jodi Homann

Middlebury, VT

On Saturday, day 3 for me, I was gifted a trip out to swim with the dolphins, not only dollar value but actually a "priceless" experience. It seems it has begun. Feeling much gratitude. Here I am enjoying a lovely dolphin moment.

Julie Kaloczi Dean

Bailey Town, Bahamas

What a Great program! I'm amazed and so happy to say I've had great results already. Actually, my partner, Eve and I have. We started only 5 days ago and on the 3rd day Eve received a completely unexpected gift valued at $1,997. Its a Digital Marketing course that she really needed. On the 4th day, my bank made a mistake and didn't pay some bills that were set up. It was no big deal but they compensated me $125 — this was unheard of especially from my bank, haha! Then today, Eve's parents, after much searching and many disappointments they found a great apartment for a great price and in a great location near a beach and right next to a school for their younger daughter. Amazing!!!

Were so Thankful for this! Gratefulness is the key word here — and we are expecting more miracles soon. We're realizing more and more that our subconscious mind really is a Genie/Wizard, and this is all very, very magical!

Kevin & Eve

Almondbank, UK

Marilyn… I am doing your course and am loving the changes that I am experiencing… just began week two today… feeling connected and ready!!!!

Jane Callanan

Coolum, Australia

This keeps getting better! On Friday 3 April I received notification that my monthly pension is going to be increased! Significant development and today I'm noticing that even though I have been "affirming" for many years — now it's beginning to feel real — it's all in the words!! It no longer feels phony. Thank you Marilyn and The Universe. It is interesting what a difference it makes to "hear" what might be the same words we have heard many times over and then — just put differently — the words and the meanings take on new significance and meaning.

I'm new this particular journey and have to say it's surprising me that I am aware of more positivity in my attitude and mental approach to some new opportunities opening up. That's a positive for me but in another more "tangible" demonstration — I had a call yesterday from a dear friend inviting me to have a few days away to relax — as her gift! I'm definitely more consciously aware of my thoughts and correcting them in the moment — not just about money but making conscious mental choices about my responses — replacing reactions — great material — thank you Marilyn!

Linda Babb

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Update on April 15, 2015

I'm so elated — I began the programme March 22 and April 13 I received $14,000 in respect of retroactive pension!! Miracles abound — Thank you Universe and Marilyn!

Yesterday my husband and I met with our financial planner to work on some retirement planning and we discovered we had a life insurance policy which we do not need (didn't even know we had it) and it has a $25,000 cash value. We are cashing it in! Woo hoo! That was definitely unexpected money coming in.

I also received a totally unexpected refund from our small business's workers comp carrier for $1800 last week. I'm really enjoying the program.

There is one more gain that is not necessarily about surprise income but more importantly, about my frame of mine. The company I work for has been acquired by a larger company. I will very likely lose my job by March of next year as they have all their accounting centralized off site. While other employees are fearful, I have found a sense of peace. I understand that my job is not my source of income. I AM my source of income. With the right frame of mind and the right use of words the universe supports me in the way that benefits me. I had never felt that so strongly until now. I am actually looking forward to the new opportunities coming my way that I may not have noticed in the past. The future is always bright. For that I truly thank you and your program. That is more important than anything else I could have received so far!

Mary Rumzie

Saratoga, CA

I'd love to share my success within my 3rd week of Feel Free to Prosper. I really wanted to upgrade my kitchen and bath but all the estimates I got were out of my comfort zone. Lo and behold I met a handyman who agreed to do what I needed and stay within my budget and my upgrade was done in three weeks for less than $3,000. When everyone else said it would cost $20,000. Yeah. This stuff works. Thanks, Marilyn. I'm having fun.

I love these spiritual laws and knowing how to use them in the highest way possible makes it all work harmoniously.

Ella Croney

Laguna Hills, CA

Thank you Marilyn!! I am on Week 3 of the program, after the initial week of the first lesson (which I really agree stands on its own), and have already had two different unexpected income events, and numerous other things that have been quite eye-opening. I love your program and the Keep it Simple approach, as I can clearly see my subconscious mind directing thoughts in an instant now with the simple lesson mantra.

Many thanks for sharing your brilliant program with us through Darius' You Wealth Revolution.

Mary Bossé

Odenton, MD

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You Wealth Special Offer: $247

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This is the REAL Magic in Life…

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Words cannot even describe the amazing transformation in my life since I started applying the Feel Free To Prosper secrets you share. It's only been a month now since I completed your course and the results in my life are miraculous.

Just by applying your unique and simple principles each day, I've added thousands of dollars a month to my income. In fact, I'm set to 10 TIMES my income this year and I'm not working any harder! I used to think that to increase my prosperity and happiness, it meant I needed to work harder. Not the case at all! I spend a maximum of 10-15 minutes each day doing the simple exercises I've learned from you and that's ALL I'm doing. In fact, I'm no longer spending any money advertising (I used to spend thousands a month on the Internet) and clients find me from all over the country.

I knew your teachings absolutely worked when after just one week of applying the first lessons, I had a major television show call and offer to pay me to appear as a guest on their reality show! The show has now aired in the U.S. & Canada and it continues to make me money as people now see me as a TV star instead of "just" a Magician.

I am incredibly grateful for what you've created here. If only everyone were to apply your simple secrets, this world would truly be a different place. Keep up your magic. It is the REAL magic in life, not just a trick!

Matthew James

Named one of America's Top Magicians

Naples, FL

Feel Free to Prosper Has Completely Transformed My Life

Back in 2006, I expected to break $100,000 for the first time in my life. Only missed it by a few thousand dollars. Life was good.

Then my husband got "constant-attention" sick and my business all but ceased to exist. Gone was my income, his paycheck, our savings, his 401K and profit sharing, our perfect credit rating. By the time we hit rock bottom, we owed the world and couldn't make payments. Creditors called constantly. We didn't even have the funds to declare bankruptcy.

Usually upbeat and positive, I lost my sense of "me" in the ongoing morass of our troubles. I was so negative I didn't care if I woke up in the morning. Finally, I tried something I'd forgotten about: I talked to the universe, admitted I was out of ideas and asked for help, any kind of help.

The very next day, Marilyn Jenett called.

It had suddenly come to her, she said, to get in touch with a mutual relative, who, during their conversation, mentioned that my husband and I were having a lot of trouble — maybe Marilyn could give us some help?

Can I say the rest is history? Because Oy, what a difference that phone call made!

In our first conversation, Marilyn pushed the right buttons to instantly dissipate my gloom. I had to get back to being me, to being that positive-energy force that always attracted clients!

I immediately began reading her program, writing out the homework, and, after the requisite week, listening to the recorded audio. Within days, my jazz-pianist husband landed a gig. Then more gigs. Soon he'd gone from one gig a week to four or five with new possibilities opening up everywhere. I was totally hooked.

Pretty soon I started getting results. A minor gig here. A slightly larger fee there. Before long I had clients calling and students enrolling in my Ghostwriting Certification classes. Mind boggling.

Not long afterwards when I got a referral to a high-ticket potential client, I knew it was a done deal even before we met!

I wasn't hoping, I knew my subconscious manifests my future and I had programmed my subconscious using Marilyn's teachings and techniques. There was never any question. We signed a healthy contract at our second meeting — and I immediately bought the Manifesters program as a gift for my dear friend and included Feel Free to Prosper in every one of my newsletters.

Because I know it works.

Because Marilyn has a piece of the truth that — despite her modesty — no one else has.

Because she has a way of putting the ease and logic in universal truths so that the "work" is effortless, the transformation is painless, and the manifestations are guaranteed.

My husband recently passed away, which brought additional financial responsibilities. But again, synchronistically and right on time, another high ticket client arrived, just the right person to work with during this sensitive period. My upcoming writing classes totally filled without effort on my part. I also asked the universe, "What now?" and through inspired action, founded my new publishing company, Iridescent Orange Press.

So in answer to y'all who keep asking me how I always have a steady stream of clients: This is how I do it. Marilyn's Feel Free to Prosper Program has totally turned my life around and put me in control of my own destiny again.

Best investment I ever made.

I'm back!

Claudia Suzanne

Ghostwriter, Editor, Literary Consultant

Tustin, CA

My Journey…

My journey as a prosperity teacher began several years before the book and DVD, The Secret, saw the light of day. I was immersed in universal laws for decades and began teaching the principles before this new wave hit the mainstream.

Two decades before, I had built a successful events-planning business from scratch — from less than nothing — and I was featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Business Journal, Century City News, and newspapers and publications the world over.

My tiny one-woman company, Marilyn Jenett Locations, had a client roster that would make even the most accomplished Fortune 500 executive sit up and take notice — companies like: Campbell's, Nike, Michelin, Citibank Private Bank, HGTV and many more.

I had built a successful business by using these principles long before I decided to teach what I know. I started my business with a raw idea and my belief in the prosperity laws. I had no proper business education, no connections to speak of and no marketing or publicity budget.

Yet, within months, I was featured in that cover story in the Los Angeles Times and media around the globe after the Associated Press picked up the story.

My "15 minutes of fame" turned into a 20-year career in which I attracted some of the world's largest companies — without advertising, marketing or networking — and only relying on prosperity laws and the "Universe as my marketing department."

It was vitally important that I made money in a real world business prior to becoming a prosperity teacher. In fact, I never knew until 2003 that I was destined to teach others the same prosperity principles I used to build my business.

You've doubtlessly heard the expression that our greatest regrets in life come from the things we didn't do, not the things we've done.

Whether you hold the desire to amass great wealth or just have the quiet satisfaction that your financial needs are taken care of, my purpose in life is to take you there with Feel Free to Prosper.

What Students Say About Feel Free to Prosper

My name is Minerva. I am a 24-year old California Realtor and I am writing this with all my sincerity and gratitude. I have been working with Marilyn's prosperity lessons, and wanted to share the wonderful results I have seen, all within weeks of applying the work.

I have experienced amazing results, different and so much better than I had imagined, and I believe it is because of the simplicity of the first lesson. I have closed 3 transactions, opened 2 new ones, and received many market analysis assignments from banks (which pay agents' fees). That's not all. I acquired 4 approved ready-to-buy buyers too! All this since starting the lessons. And all of this is happening at the height of the 2009 economic recession in the U.S.

Minerva Paniagua

Real Estate Consultant

Manteca, CA


Marilyn has been one of my best 'secret weapons' in my own life and it's time I share. Since meeting Marilyn, my income has more than tripled.no bull. I have attracted more success into my life than the previous 3 years — combined. I have discovered how much potential I truly have.

With her help, amazing things have happened. I won awards. My business has thrived, and I got the chance to work with some of the most successful people in the world. And I made a lot more money (which meant I could give more to my charity of choice, helping hundreds of other kids in some very challenging situations).

If you are like me, and want more out of life, I would ask you to listen to what Marilyn has to offer.

Troy White

Responsive Direct Marketing, Inc.

Calgary, CA

I wished I could return to graduate school, but with a family, a full-time job and financial obligations, I didn't see how. I followed Marilyn's guidance to manifest my ideal job and within two weeks, attracted a dream job that offered FREE TUITION.

I received my Master's in April — and again, returned for Marilyn's guidance to seek my ultimate dream job. And I found it! I am now a Senior Director for an organization empowering girls and young women. I love what I do, and the people that I work with. As an added bonus, my study group from my Master's program created a side business — an organizational leadership consulting company. My annual income has more than doubled since I obtained my first job with Marilyn, and all this during a national recession!

I feel much more powerful now as I grow to understand more about the laws. I feel they have firmly "taken hold" in my subconscious and that I am truly able to create the life that I desire.

Update: I have since been promoted to Senior Vice President at an even greater increase in salary — still during the 2011 economy. This now truly is my dream job — it's been wonderful going through this journey with Marilyn.

Alison Wilcox

Senior Vice President for a National Organization

Co-Founder of Serendipity Leadership Solutions

Buffalo, NY

Marilyn Jenett has changed SO many lives. Or, more accurately, Marilyn has helped SO many people change their own lives.

I have to tell you, this lady has the keys to unlock your prosperity consciousness. I just can't say enough what a breakthrough even one month of working with Marilyn was. For my work in the month of November, I got paid — get this — more than I made the entire YEAR before!

Scott Allen

Social Media Expert and Author

Austin, TX

The Mentor/Teacher I Was Looking For…

My name is Catherine Garceau, a passionate health advocate and Olympic Medalist from Sydney 2000 in Synchronized Swimming. You would think as an Olympic Medalist, life is just made for you. The truth is that even someone with the drive and discipline to reach such an achievement in life can be just as vulnerable to the issues and "dark nights of the soul" as others — and sometimes more so.

Here I was, again, prior to my 31st birthday, standing in a state of wonder about how I was still living in a place of financial insecurity and scarcity when I had so many potential channels for abundance to flow in. My challenge was to climb out of my own tailspin with regard to my health, body and financial lack.

Just as I was reaching deep within, Marilyn and I met through unusual synchronicity. One conversation and I knew I had found the mentor/teacher I was looking for.

The lessons and recordings of her audio program produced incredibly fast results. And I mean fast…

In exactly two short weeks, I manifested a dream "home," job and opportunity that was in perfect alignment with my vision of many years — to bring my health goals and spiritual quest and outreach into action. I have since gone on to create my own health and wellness summits.

Doing Marilyn's work has truly created a shift in my life that is leading to the most inspiring and life-changing times of my life so far. Marilyn's own story of synchronicity and guidance and mastering universal laws has prepared her well to teach us to receive.

Catherine Garceau

Olympic Medalist, Speaker and Author

Toronto, Canada

Marilyn's Teachings Subtly Influence Events at Buckingham Palace

Marilyn boldly states that with her teachings, you will have "the universe on speed dial." Well that was interesting because I'd been getting used to the exact opposite — slowness.

In the first week of applying Marilyn's lessons, for a ghostwriting project, I confirmed a Foreword by Prince Philip and a Dedication by Lady Soames, daughter of Winston Churchill.

The universe loves speed! Wow!!! The Palace response, almost immediately followed by Lady Soames' decision was like a double sonic boom, a cosmic cry to me saying, "This stuff really works."

A week later, the speed dial went crazy! I'd just finished writing my Feel Free to Prosper affirmations when there was a knock at the door. Manuscript back from the Palace with agreed Foreword (brilliantly composed by Prince Philip). General rejoicing!

Michael Ward

Copywriter and Ghostwriter

Isle of Portland, UK

After I applied Marilyn's lessons, my husband received a promotion at his job, I began manifesting new contracts for my young IT services business and two months later I closed on my dream home overlooking one of Chicago's most prestigious golf courses.

The small girl who grew up penniless in India has now overcome challenges and discrimination to rise as the owner of an award-winning international company in a male-dominated industry.

Keep up the good work, Marilyn, and take it to more people who can benefit from Feel Free to Prosper.

Poonam Gupta

Chicago, IL

More Testimonials from You Wealth Revolution Buyers

Been doing the work for a week and we had a meeting with our landlord and he has reduced the rent for our bakery by £6000.00 for this year and next. We are so appreciative.

Harpal and Chris La Roche

La Roche Patisserie & Boulangerie

Tunbridge Wells, UK

I just started your program about 5 days ago… I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting to feel lighter and in this short time, I'm starting to catch my negative chatter a lot faster… I've been on this quest to change my subconscious thoughts for 20 plus years… bought I can't tell you how many books and programs but nothing hit me like yours. My intuition knew 100 % that I've finally found the way through your program. You're so down to earth and so awesome!!! Just wanted to thank you… Drops in the bucket!!! Thanks!

Dean Lombardo

Northport, NY

I start to believe that you are going to be a blessing for me… synchronicity put you there right when it was the time for me to move on. I have worked with the law of attraction for maaany years, achieving many things, but for a while it has been stagnant and not getting any result, I also lost many things I had achieved… now I came back with new strength and decided to change my life for once, and I found you, reassuring ALL the things I knew before but had somehow lost confidence in.

I haven't written before because after I started the program with you I have been so busy with new work coming "out of the blue" that I barely sleep for 4-5 hours a day. Yes, this works, (and I am going to need some help for my work) and what you say here is absolutely correct. I needed a couple of months to dedicate myself to this program and guess what: my wife went back to Russia with our daughter for a couple of months, and now I have all the free time to do it. Synchronicity??

I believe this is becoming the answer to my prayers… several other things have been happening that would be too long to write here, and I have lots of projects that I want to achieve, among them, changing my current job, (yes, I have my regular job and my architectural business) and I'm working on them… I will let you know, but for now… I will talk to you later in the conference call. Bless you.

Fernando Cobos

Yorba Linda, CA

I purchased Feel Free to Prosper yesterday from You Wealth Revolution. This morning I started Lesson One. One of my businesses is Hypnotherapy specifically to help smokers quit smoking. I've had inquiries but no bookings for a while. Two hours after completing Lesson One, I received a call from a female smoker and she booked a session!! How good is that! She's going to book a session for her husband as well! Gratitude!!

Sargit Tory

Rouse Hill, Australia

Marilyn Jenett is a miracle worker. I signed up for her Feel Free to Prosper Audio program with the intention of getting my design business back on track and my finances in order after a long bout of illness that took me out of playing the game of life fully for about two years. I had no idea that using this simple elegant program would shift everything for me.

The first part of the program gives you a choice of focusing on your finances or focusing on your health. I had an extremely bad head cold that turned into a sinus infection so I used Marilyn's special affirmation for health for about one week. Marilyn said that using the affirmation would either resolve the problem or bring the people necessary to do the healing. Well it worked. I found a new primary care physician almost immediately for my sinus infection. She in turn brought me to a holistic mercury free dentist. My prolonged illness had been an extremely bad case of mercury poisoning and I wanted to get my amalgams out but didn't think it would be possible due to my finances. This dentist was affordable and specially trained in mercy removal. Not only was he affordable but he ended up charging me 40% less than the price his assistant had quoted over the phone. I had my mercury amalgams out and it was the best experience I've ever had in a dentist's chair. The next morning when I woke up everything looked different. My peripheral vision was fully restored! I had been unwell for so long I hadn't even realized it had been impaired.

It's been about 2 months. I have completed the Feel Free to Prosper program. I just went away for the weekend for the first time in two years. My business is back on track with three new projects and great clients. I am paying off all of my debt. My health is fully restored. I've met a wonderful man. I am back at the wheel of my own life and it feels amazing. And now, I want more! So I am using Marilyn's program again to bring more wealth, abundance, and prosperity into my life. Everything is different now. I am the luckiest woman alive and I am so very grateful.

Beth Joy Goldstein

Forest Hills, NY

I just finished my first week in the Feel Free to Prosper Program and I signed up 4 new people into my business. Thank you, Marilyn. I'm looking forward to the exciting journey with this program.

Juanita Shay

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Just a quick thank you for the incredible gift to self that the investment in your Feel Free to Prosper program has been. Since beginning the program end of May, I have had a constant stream of perfect new clients for my transpersonal hypnotherapy practice, +25 sessions and counting, with clients simply appearing and signing themselves up to a course of sessions, when I had previously struggled to string along one session to another or find any continuity with the client work.

Have also had other significant windfall cash inflows and an increased sense of confidence in my capacity to create what I need as I need it. As a hypnotherapist and experienced in working with the sub-conscious mind and belief change, I can vouch that your approach is unique, elegant, powerful and works wonders. For anyone struggling to coax their mind to accept prosperity as their default and to create cash flow on a consistent basis, here is the answer! Thanks for the peerless teachings and your constant demonstration of the principles.

Johneal Rouse

London, UK

About Marilyn Jenett

Marilyn Jenett's headshot

Marilyn Jenett is a renowned prosperity mentor and accomplished entrepreneur. She overcame her own "lack" consciousness to create a business that attracted the world's largest clients and major media publicity for over 20 years. She did this all without marketing, advertising, or networking — only through the use of her prosperity principles and, as she says, with the "Universe as her marketing department."

Her achievements were the result of applying the prosperity laws that she now teaches in her Feel Free to Prosper® program — a simple yet powerful lesson and mentoring program based on mental and spiritual laws that traditionally creates results within two weeks.

Marilyn founded the program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. Her victory in changing her own consciousness culminated in her faith and conviction in these laws and the recognition of her life's purpose — and spiritual obligation — to teach others. Audiences embrace her authenticity and grounded teachings and thousands around the globe are fulfilling her two-week promise with her affordable self-study program.

Marilyn's fascinating online memoir, Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance, has attracted tens of thousands of readers and extraordinary public attention and will soon be published. Feel Free to Prosper, the book based on her teachings, has been published by Penguin Random House, the world's largest publisher.

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YES, Marilyn! I'm ready to begin manifesting like never before, so I'm responding today.

I know you've developed this program based on the timeless teachings and principles from the ablest prosperity teachers in history and refined them through 30 years of your own experience working with and using the Laws.

You've not only attracted numerous multi-national clients to your former events planning business for years, but you've also taught thousands of your students these same techniques for rapidly transforming their businesses and personal lives.

And now because I'm ready to receive my natural birthright of prosperity, you're extending a very special program offer to me along with the additional free bonus gifts above.

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