Panache Desai is an inspirational visionary and contemporary spiritual master in the field of consciousness and vibration. His energetic gift of vibrational transformation has inspired and shifted the lives of thousands around the globe. He shares eternal truths, inspirational insights, and vibrational tools to empower you to create the life of your dreams. Panache is called a modern-day avatar. He acts as a direct link to Divine consciousness empowering people of all ages, economic and educational backgrounds to transform their lives by connecting them with their limitless Divine nature.

Young, hip and funny, Panache holds large experiential seminars, group workshops, offers private sessions and brings a global community together weekly via LIVE webcasting. His bi-monthly radio show, "Real Talk" is featured on the World Puja Network, broadcast to 139 countries with more than 900,000 active subscribers. He is on the faculty at OMEGA Institute and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and a featured speaker at Celebrate Your Life. He has collaborated with internationally-recognized spiritual teachers including Ram Dass, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Alan Cohen, James Van Praagh, Rikka Zimmerman, Sunny Dawn Johnston and will present programs in 2013 with Neale Donald Walsch and Colette Barron Reid.

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ALIGN with Earth’s Elevating Frequencies, ATTUNE to Your Evolutionary Impulse, ASCEND into the Heart of Your Divine Luminosity!
Includes 8 Chapters – Over 5 Hours of Innovative Programming

This all new Ascension Series is a comprehensive and innovative program created especially for You Wealth Revolution Ascension 2012 to guide your path through one of the greatest transitions that any human being can go through – the full embodiment of your potential in a human body.

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Panache’s inspirational teachings and tools are encoded with the highest vibrational resonance to elevate your frequency and support you in accelerating your evolution by transmuting your density and aligning you with your higher resonance and infinite potential.

You are important, you matter. You are facilitating the evolution of our Universe and are so much more than you’ve ever been told.

This evolutionary wake-up call is one that you asked to receive a long time ago and contemporary visionary and vibrational catalyst Panache Desai is your messenger. He will vibrationally reconnect you to your full potential so that you may harness all of life’s experiences as well as the higher frequencies now available as amazing catalysts for your growth and Ascension.

Panache’s Recordings are Encoded with the Highest Vibrational Resonance of Divine Love and Ancient Sacred Tones to Activate:

  • Deeper Awareness, Acceptance, and Allowance of Your Being
  • Ability to Align, Attune, and Ascend with the New Earth Energies
  • Inner Resolution and the Dissipation of Vibrational Density
  • Personal Empowerment Moving You from Victim to Victor
  • Vibrational Harmony and Expansion as You Elevate Your Frequency
  • Transformation from Limited to Limitless Potential
  • Preparation of Your Cells and Repair of Your DNA
  • Full Embodiment of Your Divine, Luminous Nature

This package delivers a comprehensive, leading edge, vibrational approach to all levels of your ascension and evolution.

Introducing Your Powerhouse Ascension Suite

Align. Attune. Ascend: Accelerating Your Evolutionary Potential is your divine appointment with your unfolding evolutionary magnificence and sets the vibrational stage for a supportive acceleration to your Ascension. Panache truly has your back in every dimension with this eight-part vibrational solution created to empower your participation in the biggest planetary shift that humanity has ever experienced. Vibrate at a resonance that is so high that you are no longer impacted by the densities that have kept you away from what you truly desire. It's time to make the quantum leap into another dimension of being, one that allows you to live your purpose and fulfill your destiny! Are you ready to help lead your species into a higher harmonic where everyone will again express their extraordinary luminous nature? Are you the one that the world has been waiting for?

“It’s time to go on a journey into the heart of all creation to embody the highest set point and to come into alignment with your infinite potential.”
- Panache

In this foundational hour which will provide ever-deeper insights and cellular transformation with each listening, Panache serves as your evolutionary catalyst. Combining ancient knowledge with contemporary wisdom, he conveys the impact and significance of this great Ascension cycle which is being reflected within every one of us, our planet, and the entire universe at this time. Everything is in state of vibrational overhaul. This is your self-appointed time to be restored to your original genetic blueprint, remember your greater potential and experience your divine luminous nature.

In Unlocking Genetic Potential and Luminous Nature, Panache shares his divine gift of vibrational transformation along with ancient Solfeggio frequencies capable of activating and repairing your dormant DNA so that you can take a quantum leap in your human experience and fully embody a higher harmonic of expression and expansion.

“It’s time to return to spiritual order. It’s time to once again come back into alignment with our higher functioning and our higher purpose.”

Ancient civilizations knew how to harness and utilize sound, vibration, and frequency to unlock one’s full genetic potential. Panache reintroduces that sacred technology preparing your cells and DNA for a graceful ascension and placing you at the forefront of this evolutionary impulse that is carrying you into more.

The Ascension Alignment is encoded with divine Solfeggio frequencies to transform your consciousness, uplift all levels of your being, and move the density through your body so that your greater light and luminosity can shine. By consciously awakening to your divine potential, you naturally align with your greater functioning and purpose; embody greater levels of compassion, intuition, and intimacy; and move forward through each moment of your day with clarity, joy, authenticity, and passion.

This recording may become the new Earth’s most popular sleep-aid, helping you to entrain your frequency and resonance with the emerging resonance and frequency of our beloved Mother.

The more you can align and attune to the higher and ever-increasing frequencies, the more your life can accelerate vibrationally. The Earth’s greater shift into a higher resonance is occurring in every moment and continues to unfold while you sleep.

Panache created this beautiful Nighttime Ascension Entrainment using the ascending Earth frequency of 13 Hz, to vibrationally infuse your system and dissolve the lower densities so that you can be restored to harmony with yourself, the planet, and the entire Universe.

This inspiring, effective, and unique daily support system provides ten minutes of focused vibration and Solfeggio frequencies each day of the week for each of your body’s seven main energy centers or chakras.

If ever there was a perfect vibrational tool to support an ascending human in the busy, modern world, this is it! In just ten minutes, you can start your day entirely transformed as Panache guides you into opening up each of your energy channels to better receive the higher energies infusing the Earth at this time while dissipating the heavier energies that may be stagnating or blocking your greater vibrational embodiment.

Discover how simple and profound it is to reconnect with your true self and the divine essence that is waiting to blossom and emerge. Watch how your weeks begin to flow with more grace, ease, and miracles as you center, attune, and align yourself daily to the ever-shifting frequencies and energies present on Earth and within the microcosm of your body. Your intuition and inner knowing will be strengthened and you will find yourself experiencing each day, and ultimately each moment, from a new state of calm and presence.

“Our bodies are the densest part of us and that they, too, need to shift in order to fully embody the luminous essence that is emerging right now.”

People all over the world are increasingly documenting physical symptoms that do not make any sense in a logical, medically-identifiable way. However, when viewed together and in the staggering frequency with which these symptoms are now occurring in all ages and races across the planet, it is becoming more obvious that this greater evolution is overhauling our entire physicality. Our ascension is stirring up and shaking out everything that has been stagnant and dormant within our physical bodies.

Panache has created this special, uniquely powerful Physical Ascension Infusion to help your body more easily release the toxins and heavier frequencies so that your vibration can be elevated and a natural homeostasis restored. He has also added key Solfeggio frequencies that have been proven by geneticists to activate and repair DNA. Listen to this infusion repeatedly and it will greatly assist each level of your physical transformation as your body becomes less dense and compacted and you embody more and more of your greater luminosity and the divine light that you carry within you.

“Surrender to what is arising and recognize that this emotional energy as it moves through is creating more space, more luminosity, and more brilliance within you.”

As part of the vibrational overhaul now happening on our planet, our unprocessed and unresolved emotional content is showing up at greater levels than at any other time. These greater shifts and changes can be disconcerting or even overwhelming. And even when you are not experiencing an intense emotion in the moment, there is a greater than ever likelihood that you are witnessing people you know or love also experiencing heightened emotional states.

Fortunately, your wise, inner being has led you to Panache and his Emotional Ascension Infusion, which can quickly allay your concerns of craziness and assist you at multiple levels as all of humanity rides the waves of these volatile shifting frequencies. Using his gift of vibrational transformation and accompanying Solfeggio harmonics, Panache guides you into a deep awareness and allowance of all of your emerging or submerged feelings so that you can fully experience and dissolve them.

“However this evolution is impacting you on a mental level, the key is to surrender and accept what is unfolding in each moment.”

Neurobiologists discovered that Buddhist monks and other humans with advanced consciousness have more of the brain activated and cohesively functioning as a whole organ. As we are a microcosm of that infinite intelligence that created us, you can surrender your mind’s desire to understand and analyze and trust that the Divine is guiding our evolution, knows completely what it’s doing, and is the architect of our greater shift.

In what is sure to be a popular and extremely beneficial tool for our overly analytical, chronically thinking, left-brain-focused mental bodies, Panache provides loving reassurance and helpful context for the changes many of you are experiencing as your right and left brain hemispheres strive for the synthesis and wholeness they once knew. In this Mental Ascension Infusion, he infuses vibrational energies and accompanying sacred tones to harmonize and balance your brain as old neural pathways dissolve and new ones form to enable you to function from a higher, more evolved, and expanded consciousness.

“Your heart and the heart of the Divine are one. Your love and the love of the Divine are one and the same.”

Simply put, Ascension is about the heart and the return to Love. And the Divine has been patiently waiting for you to once again to choose love as your divine nature and purpose. In this inspiring vibrational and sonic journey, Ascending into the Heart of the Divine, Panache gently guides you to a beautiful remembering and reconnection with your heart, your doorway to the Divine. Just as we are once again becoming aware of and entraining with the heartbeat of the Mother, our Earth, it is time to attune to the heartbeat within.

In this nurturing and moving heart expansion, you will be led to dissolve the densities, walls, and stories that have kept your heart at a distance from its greater expression, connection, and purpose in your life. You may be moved to tears or to ecstasy as the energies are circulated in and out of your heart space. Allow every emotion to flow through unjudged. This is all being divinely orchestrated for you to regain your full awareness, appreciation, and acceleration of your heart’s capacity to be, receive, and give unconditional and eternal love.


Panache kicks off 2013 with his most powerful program yet, New Year’s Day, as the energies of limitless potential align to your new found vibrational capacity for more.

WHAT: I AM Exponential Potential - BONUS call with Panache
A Global New Year’s Vibrational Transmission

WHEN: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

TIME: 9am PT/ 10am MT/ 11am CT/ 12pm noon ET

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Your soul vibrates as pure boundless potential and when you begin sourcing your experience from your spirit all things become possible. I AM unleashes your Infinite Awakened Mastery and in 2013 it’s time to put your exponential potential to work for you. Join Panache for this New Year’s Day inspirational and vibrational transmission to open your being to all that is your divine birthright.

Allow Panache to Open Your Energetic Pathways so that You can Receive the Higher Frequencies coming into and Emanating from our Planet at this Time and Evolve into Your Highest Luminous Expression!

Your greatest life is within your reach – RIGHT NOW! Panache has lovingly prepared this one-of-a-kind package consisting of tools, tones, alignments, attunements, integrations, and processes because he is deeply committed to you once again experiencing your divine resonant nature and experience a life beyond your wildest dreams, Heaven on Earth. The Universe is conspiring, the planets are all aligning, and it’s yours for the taking!

"Panache Desai is one of the most authentic illuminated beings on the planet. His teaching pierces to the heart of truth and bypasses all detours. I loved Panache from the moment I met him and I deeply respect him as a person and a brilliant teacher. Learn all you can from him. He will empower you to know yourself, the greatest gift of all."
- Alan Cohen, Author

“I am moved to tears by the difference you’ve made in my life. You are a man of great integrity and you have been the catalyst for me to own my power as a strong woman and entrepreneur. Whenever I get into a place of fear, I listen to your guidance and I always get back on track. If I was at the end of my life I would want one of my greatest accomplishments to be to believe in myself – I thank you for helping me achieve this.”
- Dr. Anna Michelle, Carmel, CA

"This series has propelled me through breakthroughs and expansion to infinity times infinity! And I know there is more to come, my heart is so deeply touched by our collective evolving, by our souls meeting here and sharing the journey. Panache, we asked you to come, and you arrived right on time! Thank you for the gift of your Presence in all of our lives! Love, love, love.”
- Peggy K., Boston, MA

“Panache offers us a magical path to enlightenment. His beauty, courage, and strength are truly a gift to this world. We are here on this planet to master life; the only way to master life is to master yourself. Panache gives you access to that mastery."
- Lenka Bukajova, CA

The truth is Panache freed me to step fully into who I am as an awakened being. It gave me the courage to share my experiences, especially when those experiences do not align with the common or acceptable. As the unfolding continues I am in a place where life is living me and my heart is open and brave enough to accept the challenges and tasks that the divine puts in my path. Consequently I am going down roads I never imagined I would and I am totally engaged in the co-creation of this new reality. It is a beautiful thing.
- Cheryl Levine, BC

"I now feel empowered, open and free. The veils of doubt, fear and uncertainty have lifted and I am present with my own power, abilities, and magnificence to visualize, and create a beautiful, love filled, happy life."
- Dianne Rose, NC

“Vibrational Density! Who knew? You have opened a deep well of stumbling blocks that I never knew existed. I am awed by the emotion that is releasing. Thank you for paving the way. Days of living a life of ‘less than’ are on their way out. I am on my way to igniting boundless receiving.”
- Julianne R., Los Angeles, CA

"Nothing is ever the same since that first session..."
- Kimberly Peters, FL

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