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Kenji Kumara, M.A. blends his academic training in Education and Psychology with complimentary alternative medicine approaches in transformational energy work to offer a quantum level system that has the capacity to produce amazingly quick and gentle on-going shifts in consciousness, mind, body and emotions. His light weaving work can be easily learned as a unique way of helping Humanity through these times of great change and transition. Blended with humor, lightness and spontaneity, his teachings are geared for the quantum generation of leaders and teachers who are ready for their next step in personal evolution and self healing.

Quantum Lightweaving® Package
plus Discounts on Private Consultation

Retail Value of Entire package: $1035
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Here is what is included in this package:

Taped Live Meditation Bundle from 12 Quantum Lightweaving 3-Day Intensives

(61 mp3 audio files - downloadable)  Value $325

nullAudio taped Live Meditation Attunements from 12 Quantum Lightweaving 3-Day Intensives from 2008-2010 (61 meditation attunements) for self empowerment, healing traumas, spiritual clearing work, re-birthing, time travel, downloading, new Earth energetics and much more.

Your life and healing skills will transform through these attunements. Includes live "Audience Work" group healing on clearing obstacles to financial prosperity. Repeated listening will clear your sub-conscious blocks to manifesting and allow you to naturally and effortlessly create the life of plenty that you are desiring. Recommended as a daily meditation for the whole family. Listen until integrated.

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.


Taped Live 3 Guided meditation attunements from the Master Series One
Prairiewoods Retreat Intensive 2011

(3 video files - downloadable)  Value $35

nullVideo taped live Guided Meditation attunements from the "Master Series One" rairiewoods 3-Day Retreat Intensive 2011. 3 attunements. Receive the QL attunements for self empowerment, aligning with the Unified Field, receiving bliss and oneness and unity consciousness. These meditations will strengthen your healing and creativity skills, improve your relationships and bring forward a stronger Source connection.

These attunements will help you to release stress and tension, clear your mind chatter, improve your health and add a dimension of well-being that was missing before. Raise your self-esteem like never before!

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Quantum Lightweaving Master Series One Intensive Meditation Attunements #1 - #5
for healing, self empowerment and manifesting

(5 mp3 audio files - downloadable) Value $55


Open Space Studio, Fairfield, IA November 18-20, 2011

These Quantum Lightweaving guided meditation attunements will align you to the source of this work and help you in many ways. Enhance your intuition, increase your energy flows, empower your healing practice, clear your energy centers, align to New Earth energetics and much more. Use as a daily meditation practice and for healing of spiritual-emotional issues.

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.



Taped Live Master Series One Intensive Review
(5 video files - downloadable) Value $395

nullVideo taped live "Master Series One" Intensive Review with QL meditation attunements and demonstration collapses. You can learn to do the work through absorbing the vibrations from this video. All the basics will be covered: Hand placements for session work, holding states for collapsing, the wave experience, the meditative experience, creating sacred space, on-going cumulative benefits, what to expect, the client In Take process, follow through and after care, body scanning, how QL is different from other modalities, setting up the state, client resistance to change, strategies, protocols, how to detach from dysfunctional morphogenic fields, star-gates, the 3rd Eye center, theta-delta brain wave states, clearing your space, boundaries and much more.

 Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.


Journey Into Transformations and Miracles guided meditation

(1 mp3 audio file - downloadable) Value $20

nullA great daily meditation for releasing density and receiving the miracle energy we call Grace. Absorbing these energetics will naturally empower you in many ways to live more abundantly. On-going benefits.

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.


$100 Off Master Series One Intensive - You pay $495

($100 discount towards a $595.00 intensive) Value $100

null$100.00 towards a $595.00 Master Series One Intensive with Kenji Kumara.

Quantum Lightweaving® is a state-based transformational approach to mind-body wellness that uses the concepts found in quantum theory, the law of attraction and intention, guided imagery and the power of touch in a sacred atmosphere. Our comprehensive training program provides the student with quantum-level tools to facilitate the reduction and elimination of spiritual stress, chronic pain, early childhood trauma, unhealed injuries, depression, insomnia, neck and back discomfort for themselves and others in a gentle and effortless manner. QL also provides the experience of deeply connecting to Source energy, one's guidance system and the states of oneness. love, bliss, peace and divine balance. Students learn the art of surrender, receiving, integrating and embodying the Divine Presence in everyday living. Benefits are cumulative and on-going. Life changing for many. Our trainings are open to anyone desiring accelerated self-healing, spiritual growth and evolution.

$55 Off In Person Healing Session - You pay $195 hr

($55.00 discount towards a $250.00 hr in person session) Value $55

null$55.00 towards a $250.00 one hour in person session with Kenji Kumara -- by appointment.

In personal one hour sessions, Kenji provides sacred space for the client to receive and integrate very deeply their quantum wave experiences. Clients receive a series of "wave experiences" on the mat to help collapse density and stuff unconscious patterns. In addition, these "wave experiences" assist the soul in integrating into the brain and heart centers the vortex or stream of Oneness, bliss, peace, serenity, love and knowledge that lies within the Self. After client in take review, Kenji (in meditation next to you) holds the state for your highest spiritual desires to manifest, as well as the state that collapses limitations, stress and pain. There usually is a 30-40 minute period of deep silence for the client to experience the quantum state of many possibilities. Benefits are cumulative and on-going. Relaxing and energizing.


$42 Off Remote Healing Session - You pay $108 for 60-90 minutes

($42 discount towards a $150 one hour phone healing session) Value $42

null$42 towards a $150 60-90 phone healing session with Kenji Kumara -- by appointment.

In one hour phone sessions, Kenji provides sacred space for the client to transcend the limitations of the body and mind. Any emotional, mental or physical issue can be addressed with this work (Client In Take process). Kenji combines soul-based counseling with guided imagery, visualizations, and soul journey work to facilitate the deepest and most lastly healing space that the client can receive and embody at that time. He uses the power of the Breath to help you align to your innate healing power to self realize your true being. Deeply calming and energizing. Benefits are cumulative and on-going. The guided journey is usually 40 minutes with rest time afterwards.

Soul Journey - Guided Activation Meditation - 30 minutes 

(1 mp3 audio file - downloadable) Value $25


Recorded Jan 2012

Merkabah guided journey for reclaiming and gathering up Soul fragments (spaced-out aspects) and frozen-in-time experiences (stuck places) for Auric Field coherency and unity with the physical body. Re-setting the pineal, pituitary and thalamus regions of the brain.


Activation of Power Centers - Guided Activation Meditation - 30 minutes 

(1 mp3 audio file - downloadable) Value $25


Recorded Jan 2012

Deeper activation of the Green Disc, Sun Chakra, Soul Matrix, Original 8 Cells and the sacred tri-angulation within the brain for whole body shifting and manifesting in physical reality (the illusion). Activation of the healing power of the brain and energizing the immune system for balanced empathy.


 What People Have to Say about Kenji ...

"Kenji's distance work was deeply effective. He was very thorough on all levels of the session, from asking for details on the client intake sheet to addressing many levels of healing, from energetic to cellular to soul level."


"Kenji Kumara's Quantum Lightweaving® training was one of the most personally expanding workshops I have ever taken. I am so glad to see he is reaching a bigger audience as I reflect on my experience. If you would ever get the chance, I highly recommend attending any of his workshops and having an in person experience with him."

"I was literally blown away by the mediation as I never experienced such strong energy before. Your first download, the Attunement Series 1, I listened to pretty much in one sitting. My experience of this work is so outside of anything I can understand with my logical mind that I am not even trying to. The only thing I can say is that I feel filled up today. It feels as if I have been thirsty all my life and suddenly had an opportunity to drink all the water I could ever dream of, and I can go back to that well whenever I wish. "

"Kenji is one of the best healers I have ever seen and got the most benefits from including bliss and huge improvements to my whole spine and body. When I did 3 massages yesterday it was like child's play instead of difficult as I had more energy and no pain in my body."

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