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Specializing in amazing transformation, Emmanuel Dagher has had the honor of co-creating amazing results with thousands of people around the world through his work as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Teacher and Empowerment Coach. Emmanuel spent years studying and fine tuning his craft receiving a degree in Spiritual Psychology and advanced certifications in several holistic and alternative therapies. Emmanuel has also studied with Visionaries including Dr. Michael Beckwith (from the movie The Secret) founder of Agape International and cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought. Emmanuel has spent years studying the most cutting-edge healing technologies, so every session he provides is powerful, thorough and life enhancing for each client. For over 7 years now, Emmanuel has had the honor of working with people from all walks of life including moms, children, visionaries, world diplomats, large groups, and Fortune 500 companies. Even top healing experts themselves turn to Emmanuel for support and healing. Being of service to others has and will always bring Emmanuel the deepest joy and fulfillment. Emmanuel currently has a private practice, and also travels the world sharing his insights, healings, and gifts with others. Emmanuel has infused all his healing technologies into music with the intention of creating fun contemporary music where it's used as a powerful tool of life-changing positive transformation and healing, in a fun, practical, down-to-earth way

Are you ready to experience big breakthroughs that support you in:

*Loving & nurturing yourself more than ever?

*Releasing the fears holding you back from living your greatest life?

*Living in the overflow with purpose?

If you are ready for paradigm shifting healing & transformation in these areas of your life, then this 3 part Audio healing series is for you!

Your Greatest Life Series

Retail Value of Offer: $480.00
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What you will receive: Hundreds of energy healing downloads & life shifting insights in areas of self-love & care, letting go of fear & what's holding you back once & for all, and living in the overflow with purpose.

The healing modality used for this series is called Core Energy Therapy. This modality combines Energy Medicine, Advanced Theta Healing, Zero Point Therapy, and Quantum Physics, and is designed to release the common energetic and mental blocks around the areas of your life mentioned above. (This is the extra special magic dust that supports the transformation process for this series.)

Your Greatest Life Series consists of:


 Value $160

nullClear hundreds of unconscious patterns that have been blocking you from experiencing self love & acceptance. The key to living a happy life is simply to love & honor ourselves. Part 1 of Your Greatest Life will support you in creating a deeper connection with yourself so that you can begin experiencing the life you deserve.



Value $160

nullIn this audio, you will completely shift the way you look at fear again! If you are ready for some epic 'aha' moments that will expand you out of fear & back into your infinite potential, part 2 of Your Greatest Life is going to do that for you


Value $160

nullMany of us tend to have some blocks around knowing what are true purpose in life is. Usually, this leads to experiences that move us out of abundance mentality & into lack. Part 3 of Your Greatest Life will provide you with insights, healing & shifts to align you back with your true purpose creating the foundation for you to live in the overflow of life once again.


 What People Have to Say about Emmanuel ...

"I'm not sure I can sum up into words how powerful this work has been for me, all I can say is I feel alive, connected, and open again after 6 years of hibernation." John Schafer, Texas


"My life has made a 180 degree turn for the better since working with Emmanuel. I can't even describe it, but he and his work exude such a high vibration that he literally brings you into that high vibrational paradigm. When I came to Emmanuel, I had been out of work for 1 year, no relationships, and my health was suffering. I now have a great job that I actually love, which I could never say for any other job I had, a new budding romantic relationship, and my health has improved greatly! Miracles DO happen, and from someone who was extremely pessimistic before, it's a big deal " Kathy Knoll, New Mexico

"Emmanuel's work has cleared my blocks and limiting beliefs, allowing me to release feelings of unworthiness which were @ the root of my sickness. This clarity has permitted me to see with gratitude, the unlimited blessings Source has for me and inspires me to manifest fully my Divine Energy and Connection with Higher Self. Thank You Emmanuel." J, Los Angeles

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