Kenji Kumara is a complimentary energy medicine (CAM) specialist and multi-dimensional visionary teaching and healing channel for ascended energies. He serves as a catalyst, awakener, facilitator and networker for transformation beyond healing. His gift, Quantum Lightweaving, is the next step in planetary evolution, spiritual awakening and emergence, and serves as a bridge between worlds. The power of this gift comes from Grace and embodies the oneness of Love and Compassion, surrender, receiving and beingness. The purpose of the work is awakened en-light-enment in everyday living. The goal of the work is bringing souls into the unified field of many possibilities.

Quantum Lightweaving® Ascension Package Activations and Attunements:

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All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download
Not available on CDs

Kenji Kumara's Master Series 1 Intensives are life-changing 3-day events. In addition to hands-on wave collapse experiences and instruction, students receive 5-6 transformational attunements (initiations). Specific core issues are cleared and released, and participants are led on an amazing Quantum journey. These audio sets are recorded live at the events and will attune the listener to the Quantum Lightweaving® matrix for rapid healing and ground-breaking shifts in Consciousness, moving you into the state of Oneness and Grace.

Each training has a different focus and unique themes. Many report life-altering effects during and after the trainings. The initiations continue to work over time and enable the listener to become self- empowered in the quantum. After the Intensive, many attend the optional F.O.L. Ordination or a large group Healing Event. These are life-changing channeling downloads to help empower your spiritual path.

The attunements are 'evergreen', so they continue to live and grow, no matter when they are heard, and their effects are cumulative- they build upon each other. They will provide a graceful alignment to the New Earth frequencies. Listen in a quiet space and do not play while driving. Ground and drink water after each listening.

Value: $197
6 Audio Files
Total Length - 142 minutes
Audios Included:
  1. "New Vibrations"
  2. "Soul Fragment Retrieval"
  3. "Light and Color Activation"
  4. "Releasing Trauma and Stress"
  5. "Receiving Lightness"
  6. "Christed Awareness"
These Attunements were recorded live during the September 2012 Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 1 Intensive in Tubac, AZ.

Themes include: Releasing Tribal Consciousness -Meet Your Guardian and Healing Team - Emotional Balance -Light Activation -Brain Balancing -Cleansing Toxins -Opening the Throat -Unlimited Consciousness -Heart of Creation -Eternal Health -Prime Source Connection

Value: $250
6 Audio files
Total Length: 164 minutes
Audios Included:
  1. "Energy Flow"
  2. "Higher-Self Upgrades"
  3. "Energy Clearing for Rebirth"
  4. "First Trauma Cleanse"
  5. "Light Cocooning"
  6. "Magnetic Balancing"
Advanced, live meditations and activations from Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 2 Intensive in Fairfield, IA March 2012. Deep, transformational processes and life-changing activations. These attunements bring you into direct alignment with Source and the powerful Quantum Lightweaving® matrix.

Themes include: Pineal Gland/Brain Activation -Soul Matrix Cleansing -New Earth Energetics -Christ Point Imprinting -Re-birthing -First Trauma Release -Light Cocooning -Archangel Energy -Downloads -Magnetic Balancing -Fearlessness -Receiving Light Codes -Higher-self

Value: $97
4 Audio Files
Total Length- 62 Minutes
Included Audios:
  1. "Protocol Introduction"
  2. "Bliss and Oneness"
  3. "Harmony and Peace- Brain Activation"
  4. "Cutting Cords- Self-collapse

These Attunements were recorded live during the Master Series 1 Intensive training review. These are short attunements, which will directly align you to the Quantum Lightweaving® matrix. Once you receive the activations in the trainings, you will be able to provide the work to others and yourself. The Attunements will take you deep into Oneness and connect you with the space of Infinite Possibility, for the potential of immediate transformation and healing.

Value: $97
5 Audio Files
Total Length- 78 Minutes
Included Audios:
  1. "Energetic Reclamation"
  2. "QL Connection- Healing Team"
  3. "Re-birthing Template"
  4. "Archangel Cocooning Initiation"
  5. "Master Transmission"

Activations and Initiations into the Advanced Quantum Lightweaving® work and matrix. These activations will prepare you to share the advanced work with others and align you more deeply with the powerful Quantum Lightweaving® energy transmissions. You will receive a deeper understanding of working within this field of Infinite Possibility.

Value: $250
5 Video Files
Total length- 265 minutes
Kenji reviews everything that is taught in the Master Series 1 Intensive, including attunements and demonstrations of wave collapses. All the basics will be covered: Hand placements for session work, holding states for collapsing, the wave experience, the meditative experience, creating sacred space, on-going cumulative benefits, what to expect, the client In Take process, follow through and after care, body scanning, how QL is different from other modalities, setting up the state, client resistance to change, strategies, protocols, how to detach from dysfunctional morphogenic fields, star-gates, the 3rd Eye center, theta-delta brain wave states, clearing your space, boundaries and much more.

Value: $250
Total length- 272 minutes
5 Video Files
These videos were recorded live during the November 2012 Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 2 Intensive Review in Fairfield, Iowa. You will receive the attunements, and Kenji will teach and demonstrate advanced transformational techniques such as First Trauma Release, Light Cocooning, Downloading, and Re-birthing. This video series is the sequel to the Master Series One Intensive Review, and it will help you further align to the QL matrix and the realm of Infinite Possibility, which is the space where the work takes place.

Single Theme Activations:

Value: $97
Total Length- 72 minutes
2 Audio files
This Live Group Healing event was recorded in front of a large audience in Des Moines, IA. In the first activation, you will receive deep cleansing in all bodies and release all energies that are not your own. You will let go of emotions such as grief, loss, and sadness, which no longer serve you, and you will release the need to fit in to tribal Consciousness. The second activation invites you to receive the New Earth energetics as you merge with the heartbeat of all Creation. This is a powerful re-birthing experience, and an opportunity to remember who you are, coming face-to-face with your Creator, and merging with Love.

Value: $29
Total Length :43 Minutes
1 Audio file
This Quantum journey will provide a deep connection with your Divine Helpers. You will spend time with your Guardian Angel(s) and your main Guide or Inner Teacher. You will bring in your home-world vibration, receiving waves of information- Light and Energy. You will also connect with your Soul Group, who are a like-minded group related to you soul’s destiny. Finally, you will receive a Divine blessing via a messenger that is designed specifically for you from Prime Source. You will emerge from your voyage with a new understanding of the support and love that you have from your Divine Helpers.

Value: $29
Total Length :43 Minutes
1 Audio file
Take a journey to your home world (your favorite place in all of Creation) with your guide. Once in your home world, you will have access to your own Light codes and special knowledge about the consensus reality that exists here on Earth. You will gather and bring back information about your soul’s purpose, your destiny. You may receive special knowledge about how to heal the physical body or even receive gifts, such as Light Language. You will also receive an awareness of how you have given your power away, and then learn how to reclaim it. You will return with a special gift from your home world, bringing back your vibrational home world energies, which will be available in a storage area for retrieval, as needed. The journey is complete when you share some of your home world vibrations as a gift to the Earth to be shared with all. This amazing voyage is an advanced activation that will take you deep into the Quantum.

Value: Value: $29
Total Length :51 Minutes
1 Audio file
Kenji asks you to release all expectations of what you will experience in meditation, and enter a field of imagination where you have the ability to manifest with ease and grace. As the voyager, you will move into the Stillness at the doorway of Creation to receive your next vibrational awareness, your next level of empowerment and self-healing, and your next level of Illumination. This is a deep and profound journey into the Void, and you will return from this Quantum journey with new frequencies. You will also be given a special blessing and gift of etheric Angel/Fairy Dust to use in your life, wherever it is needed.

Value: $29
Total Length :40 Minutes
1 Audio file
This advanced activation will assist you in becoming a clear and perfect channel for Divine Source. Kenji will explain the nature of downloads, the Archangel Kingdom, and the Ascended Masters. Your channels will be prepared to receive Light Language codes from your home world that relate to the New Earth vibration, i.e. embodying Light in the living flesh. As a voyager, you will clear all cords that have had a binding or controlling effect on your life. You will experience deep cleansing on all levels in order to breathe in your own Divine Light and receive your next level of understanding. You will also commune deeply with your Inner Child, Guardian Angel, and Master Teacher -I Am presence to I Am presence. You will emerge from this advanced Quantum experience with a remarkable gift from the Universe and a new awareness of the New Earth.

Value: $29
Total Length :44 Minutes
1 Audio file
An amazing activation which unlocks the 4 Archetypes that influence all of us: the Inner Child, the Saboteur, the Prostitute, and the Victim. You will receive healing for all aspects ready to shift, so that they will no longer affect you in any negative way. Kenji sets the protocol for Quantum Lightweaving®, allowing you to journey deep into the Quantum field, where healing takes place. The wounded Inner Child will receive immediate healing from a space of security and loving support, releasing wounds and deeply receiving Unconditional Love. The Saboteur Archetype comes from a subconscious feeling of being unworthy to receive, and can sabotage all your progress or positive things in your life. The vibration that holds the Saboteur archetype in place will be released, and you will feel the new power within as this shift occurs. The Prostitute archetype represents every time when you have functioned outside of your integrity, not speaking your truth, or compromised your being for the sake of fitting in, often creating pain or dysfunction in the body. You will receive a powerful release from the influence of this archetype and a deep Quantum healing. Finally, you will be released from the sense of being a victim, so that you will go forward manifesting as a Creator. This activation connects you deeply to the Stillness of inner space, so that you may receive all Divine Light and merge with Oneness, free of the influence of all 4 archetypes. Allow 14 days to integrate.

Value: $29
Total Length :40 Minutes
1 Audio file
This powerful and deeply cleansing attunement replaces all old programming with your codes of the future. It begins with the connection of the brain hemispheres to come into a space of coherence and clarity. All unconscious resistance and fears are released in a place of no judgment. After separating from trauma and chaos of the world and other people, you will receive a deep cleansing of the body and energetic field, connecting you with Oneness. You will merge with Prime light from the Great Central Sun and re-calibrate the brain to hear the celestial sounds of the Universe. You will be released from density, and with the help of dolphins and the Angels, you will receive healing from past traumas and a profound sense of playfulness, gentleness, wisdom, and allowance. Before you emerge from this Divine Quantum space, you will receive the gift of "Angel Dusting."

Value: $19
Total Length :32 Minutes
1 Audio file
Experience your true freedom and source of power and intelligence as Kenji leads you on an incredible journey, activating the 14 major meridians and the brain's inherent gifts of self-healing. This attunement will align you with the Quantum, bring forth rapid cleansing, and allow you to finally claim your own power. You will open to your gifts, receiving clear-seeing and inner-knowing, as you pass through the veil of forgetfulness. You will be guided back with the core vibration of awareness and understanding at the deepest level in all bodies. This is a powerful, transformational attunement to the energy of unconditional Love and Allowance and the space of Infinite possibility.

Value: $19
Total Length :18 Minutes
1 Audio file
Process for power naps, deep relaxation, and preparation for creative endeavors. Receive deep relaxation, joy, bliss, and peace. This activation is perfect to use before sleeping. Call Angels of Peace to surround your body, creating a safe and calm cocoon of light. Bring pure colors and sounds from the angelic realm, and take them deep into the body. You will feel completely embraced and comforted, as your brain goes into a quiet space of tranquility, joy, and healing.

MARCH 14th Live Call Activation
This was an activation Kenji did on a Live Interview with Darius on March 14th that in the words of Darius was “Knock Your Socks Off Meditation”


All discounts for services are good for single use. No code necessary. Please mention package discount when registering or booking session.

$300 off any combo MS1/MSII Intensive thru Oct 2013
$45 off any 1-day (4-5 hr) Group Healing Event thru Nov 2013
$25 off 23 Massage Therapy CEUs (NCBTMB). Normally priced at $50. Good thru Oct 2013
$55 off phone or in-person session thru Nov 2013

“I just finished listening to the replay of your recent interview with Darius Barazandeh. I experienced a profoundly vigorous energetic experience going through your guided activation -- more powerful than most, and it was very positive. Quantum Lightweaving is totally new to me.”

“You know, you are quite right about how amazing your 4 archetypes activation is. I remained conscious, aware, and awake throughout when you were speaking--and I notice things around me like the cats during the silences so I wasn't "asleep"--yet I have NO idea what happened in the silences energetically. I blanked. And interestingly, I can't report mind chatter like would be normal and what happens when I "try" to focus in meditations... so I know I went somewhere! Thanks for the potency of your work, Kenji. And although I got it as part of last year's package I think it's part of Kenji's current Darius package as well for those who want to experience it too!!! Xo”

“Dear Kenji :) Thank you so much for such a great activation. I just listened to the replay. Every time I listen to your activations and attunements amazing things happen in my mind and body. Situations turn around for a better outcome and my old thinking patterns shift little by little letting me see clearly who I am without judging me and accepting myself and the love within. Many of us would never believe how possible is to change our thinking patterns and allow guidance to find out our magical truth. I believe it now. Being open to understand different Ideas is a choice and a gift that can be life changing. It is being for me... I am humbly thankful for your work. Kenji you are a blessing to all of us :) Namaste...”

“Wow Kenji!! You always do a deluxe activation for Darius – today topped the lot. I was so conscious thru all of it and so loved the effect. You are the best thing that has happened to me this last year, this lifetime. You are bring my awareness alive. I so appreciate you and all you do and may the effect of today’s show be ever-sustaining and ever expanding in its ripple effect from those who did hear it. Bless you Kenji for what you are doing and I know that you are part of my Soul Group and I am so thankful for that. Venus buddies!”

“You so desire to “feel at home” and be “at home”. I think being with you for a six day course would be such a treat. I am envisioning all aligning for such an experience. Bless you – today was truly awesome and very profound. Any one of the segments would be transforming and all the areas you covered today – wow oh wow – what a rainbow effect on so many levels. The timing was perfect for me. I did send an email to Darius telling him about the awesome effect – I felt so centered – so loved – so much Light. I have felt the difference since December – the Light is so much more powerful ... and Present. So strong and tangible. When you do the activations – it is such a profound effect – I truly feel what you call forth. I love how you are able to “take us there”.”

“My life has been changing since before 12/21/12. I have observed the intense universal energy of the past several months or couple of years. I observe evidence of positive changes daily. I hear some people's thoughts. I think of people and things and they appear. My hands have levitated off my bed, effortlessly, during meditation. I've been dreaming consistently of being rich again, and know I will soon observe that, and enjoy helping others though my prosperity and how I observed it again. In other words, THIS IS FUN! Thanks so much for giving me permission slips!”

“I so appreciate you being in my life ... with your beautiful Quantum Weaving. This is the one thing -that has enormously shifted me ... and my life ... this last year. I faithful follow and do your inner work. Every morning I start my day with you ... and continue to re-tune-in ... throughout the day. I am still going thru your original works – and so loving it! Thanks for being the beautiful soul you are ... and choosing to be here now to help us all remember who we really are ... and for going thru all the “stuff” you did – to blossom into your fuller expression. I so Bless you and all you touch!”

“Dear Kenji, thanks SO MUCH for the activation you did with Darius yesterday! I listened to it twice yesterday - when tired and sleeping, so didn't completely "get it" - then also this AM. It was AWESOME! Really helped me Tune In to the New Energy ;) Many thanks for all you're doing... at a time when we all need it so much.”

“After spending $10,000 for blessings and the healing masters program recently, since hearing you I stopped that program. I find your beautiful work, inspiring, clean, life changing and long lasting. It helps break me out of depression and the extra edge to stay in the light. I could go on... bottom line you made a huge difference and thank you ...”

“Yesterday show was fabulous! Thanks so much. Went to the place of zero attachments – WOW – just a feeling of being air! The receiving focus was brilliant – really opened me up. You are the Blessing of the century – take a bow!!!! Ten million-fold Blessings coming back to you now! I so appreciate you Being in my life, beautiful Spirit that you are.”

"Hi Kenji...what a delight to connect with you! I love what you have been doing on You Wealth with Darius! So much magic awakening and gathering ... gratitude for you! xxx"

“Gracias, dear Kenji, he who weaves light in bright and colorful ways. For all that you do and all that you are... I feel light, I am light. The young hawks and owls are just leaving the nest; finding their wings and taking flight. How synchronistic, I must be in the flow. Mountains of gratitude for bringing me home. Blessings and one great big humongous hug ...........I AM”

“Oh may Darius and Kenji - These interviews of yours are very special - the combo of you both "exploring" the LOV-E-VOLution that Kenji is facilitating - especially in these past few weeks of his "channeling" Love, Light, and Allowing, is the very best ever for empowering Love's Be-coming. In my experience of Kenji's present activations in his latest interviews with various hosts - no more so than with you, Darius - Love/Belovedness is "telling" me - imaging to me - what he's about to give us ... I'm receiving even "before" he gives.”

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download
Not available on CDs

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